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  • Confidence / Clarity
  • Limited Belief Breakthrough
  • Physical Wellness
  • Goal Defining + Action Mapping
  • Define Your Purpose
  • Time Management   
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Sessions are booked 1 hour at a time. Upon payment you will gain access to a private online meeting room where you will access your first homework assignment and prep work for our first meeting. Once our discovery meeting takes place, you will have access to your own homework room which will have homework, and our previous discussions to go back on. This extra piece will cater to your specific needs.

Absolutely! In fact, ask me about a bundle session offer. Most people choose 2-4  but some people have  complete breakthroughs in just 1 session. Everyone is unique and it depends.


No problem. Life happens right? Please allow 24 hours to rebook or cancel.

Take Action - Clarity will Bring Confidence and Make You Unstoppable

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