Digital Assistance- Help with Implementation on Many Different Platforms.

From designing your own logo, ebook, or graphics to building your own digital course website, or blog,  I can help you speed up the learning curve so that you are fully confident in your creation! Save a ton of money and gain a bucketload of clarity by being the driver of your design.

 I can set it all up with you- Or go solo - You decide


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Let's Make A Movie

Otherwise known as your promo video,  or highlight reel. Send me your Camera roll, or let's build from scratch. 

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Many Different Options & Packages to Serve You

Start From Scratch

A Local Treat! I'll shoot your footage, we'll highlight your message, promote your business, or tell your story. You keep the digital copy to use royalty free on your website and social platforms.

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Got Footage?

I can work with footage you already have, and blend it with high quality professional royalty free video. I also specialize in voiceover. All projects big or small, we can do!

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Imovie Tutorial Course

From Airdrop to finished Product . Make your own impactful Video in as little as a DAY in this simple step by step "over the shoulder" mini course.

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Start Creating Today!

It's easier than you think!! Yes you can DIY and learn step by step over my shoulder. Turn your camera roll into a Highlight Reel :)


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