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What's Included??

I'm so glad you asked!! I kind of like to call it a buffet of options, because we are all short on time , so let's make the most of our time together! Everything is delivered to you via bite size pieces Audio, video, and PDF downloads.


This Section gives you Full versions of Audio and workbooks 

Nutrition Detective Guide Transition to Whole Foods in Just 4 Easy Steps

Exercise Fast Track Tool Kit

Mojo Maker Audio & Workbook

Grocery store "cheat sheets" Recipes & More!


This optional category includes a 4 week challenge format

Get everything from the GRAB & GO dribbled in a 4 week step by step system

Connect with others on the same journey


Count Me in!


I am constantly adding things JUST FOR YOU.

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You get access to me, your pocket coach, and researcher

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Meet Your Host

Karen Wilson is Co- founder of CE Analytic LTD,  She’s a Coach,& Certified Fitness Leader 

Karen has maintained a significant weight loss for nearly 2 decades. In that time she learned many things about the reality of “maintenance”, difference between dieting and lifestyle. 

Anyone can do it, but she makes the process easy.

Let's Do This

Everywhere you look it’s like follow this meal plan, do this workout, take this supplement Follow these rules, you have to join a group, broadcast daily, find an accountability buddy, ...

Wow, sounds pretty high maintenance..ugghh. No wonder it’s hard to stick to!

Virtual Coach Program is a  SIMPLE STEP BY STEP program with templates for LONG TERM RESULTS IN  WEIGHT LOSS & MAINTENANCE


*Disclaimer* I am not a certified nutritionist. I’m just a girl passionate about sharing the simplicity in whole food choices as a diet instead of being on a diet. I share what I’ve learned and the research I’ve done and simple tools and steps that help guide towards DOABLE action




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