Nutrition Detective Ebook & Audio Coaching Program Includes:

Preparation Tips
Level 1 : The Basics and Self Assessment
Level 2 : Intuitive Choices > You Call the Shots
Level 3 : Replacement & Recipe Experimentation
Level 4 : Build Your Personal Staples





It's Your Time

No more diet roller coaster

Put the RIGHT food in your Grocery Cart ! 

Powerful list of foods that keep you ageless  (trust me, it’s simple to get these gems on your grocery list)
List of "Replacement" Staples For Added Flavour


Cheat Sheets For Grocery Shopping!  

Hidden Sugars
Learn About Obesogens and if they are in your food.
Inflammatory Foods (Avoid these to reduce bloat)

Another Bonus... A Facebook Community with Accountability & Like minded people just like you! Connect with others

You already have your Food Prep basics & Starter Recipes, right?

Let's bring this mini challenge to life!


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*Disclaimer* I am not a certified nutritionist. I’m just a girl passionate about sharing the simplicity in whole food choices as a diet instead of being on a diet. I share what I’ve learned and the research I’ve done that I’ve applied to me.  

My goal is to help you simplify better choices, make you hungry for learning about your unique body, and what fuels it, and to help guide you in the grocery store to help optimize your choices.



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