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What's in a Morning?

Season #2

By Definition A morning routine is a set of habits or motions that you go through when you wake up. It helps to set your day up in the right way and can have some drastic effects on your focus and productivity. It can also have drastic effects on how good or how bad you feel about yourself, your day ahead, and your current situation.

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What I know for sure. There will never be a perfect time. What I know for sure is that we will always need to make choices And we need to trust our decisions so that whatever the outcome, we know we did what we felt was right in the moment.

The more self aware we are,the easier this becomes. The pathway there there for me has been to

  1. Anchor morning routine
  2. Eliminate distractions
  3. Create Armour in practice

Those 3 key focuses are at the heart of this project but first there is a deep dive in where you are in this moment. Instead of writing a list of 10 goals to achieve in 28 days, we take it down to 3 categories, and 1 intention per category.

That way you win more. If you win more, it gives you momentum to keep going which leads to practiced consistency.

Putting a simple daily activity goal in your day can definitely help with Clarity!

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Disclaimer - Always do what's right for you.

Ideas in motion podcast is about doing the things that you want to do and getting those things done. It's about mindset movement and momentum and bringing your intentions in all three of those forward at the same time.As an ecosystem.

Now is that even possible?

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