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Imposter Syndrome- Have You Ever Had it?

Season #2

Ideas in motion is all about life as an ecosystem bringing stories about mind, body, and purpose using our inside voices of authenticity and truth to step deeper into who we are as a whole energetic being .

This Podcast is one of my ideas in motion, and I am honoured you are spending time with me here today. I don’t take it lightly

Today we are talking about Imposter Syndrome I should probably send out a trigger warning, if you’ve ever had addictions, and/ or struggled with disordered eating, we talk about this and go into detail - Do not listen if you find that triggering, or disturbing.

What is imposter syndrome? By Definition and then I will share my personal relationship with it as I have experienced with my weight loss journey I am in the middle of writing a book about this topic -

Not as a Whoa is me - I definitely have lived a wonderful life, but rather more as a peep into my inside voice, on my weight loss journey, the diet industry and the things that worked and the things that didn’t when it comes to the land of weight loss maintenance -

The mental and physical realities of becoming someone you’d never thought you’d be.

Putting a simple daily activity goal in your day can definitely help with Clarity!

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Disclaimer - Always do what's right for you.

Ideas in motion podcast is about doing the things that you want to do and getting those things done. It's about mindset movement and momentum and bringing your intentions in all three of those forward at the same time.As an ecosystem.

Now is that even possible?

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