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To new beginnings

Season #3

Welcome back to the ideas in motion podcast. I'm your host, Karen Wilson, and this podcast is about. Doing the things that you want to do and getting those things done. It's about mind, body, and purpose. And bringing your intentions in all three of those subjects forward at the same time.

Now is that even possible? Here we are at the beginning of season three. 

You won't find me in the hustle culture, which is why sometimes you wait a little while to hear a podcast.

It was September 15th. The last time I recorded and I went back and I listened to that recording and I apologize. The sound was really off. But I had just started writing a book.

Find Be Weightless is here Be Weightless

Love yourself. And what the book has become is, is a real life memoir, as well as real life tools and strategies to help you be your best wellness, your best self, because that really is individualized. Let's get rid of this body image. Let's get rid of the fact that there's a size or a weight. 

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