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20. Mental Health Matters | What is a Recovery Mindset?

Season #3

There's always going to be something new to recover from. There's always going to be something new in your life that's going to be challenging to work through. Let’s talk about it.

In the last 2 years, I’ve become more in tune with recovery than ever before out of necessity to keep my perimenopausal symptoms at bay. It works, but it works even better when self care is used as a continuum instead of using it as a quick fix.

Adopting a recovery mindset is preventative medicine for the mind, body & soul. How do you know if you need to prioritize recovery?

Putting a simple daily activity goal in your day can definitely help!

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Disclaimer - Always do what's right for you.

Ideas in motion podcast is about doing the things that you want to do and getting those things done. It's about mindset movement and momentum and bringing your intentions in all three of those forward at the same time.As an ecosystem.

Now is that even possible?

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