Learn How to Use Instagram Live and master all the features.

Then use that same video for multiple platforms(I show you how to edit in iMovie on IOS & MAC)


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Learn How To

Use Instagram live and cool features that help you deliver your message while connecting with your audience.

Learn How To

Airdrop to your Mac & edit your Instagram live  iMovie to repurpose for Youtube or another platform of choice.

Learn How To

Upload & Edit in iMovie for IOS.How to adjust it to make it fit PLUS how to use a secondary "size conversion" app to make your video look cool.

And there's more ..

I Also share with you some of my best pro tips on camera confidence. AND how to look your audience in the eye.

Throughout this training, you will learn more than you are expecting GUARANTEED . I get right to the content. I prerecorded so that I could make this webinar the shortest, most actionable webinar you have ever attended. You won't be waiting through introduction, or people hopping on. We are here to work. 

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