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Karen's talks are jam packed with stories and actionable skills your audience can easily use to improve their daily lives and empower them with clarity and productivity in the areas that mean most to them.

Loving Your Reflection

Maintain a healthy body weight, boost your energy levels and get off the diet roller coaster. When you feel good, everything in life is better. Earning potential goes up,relationships soar, and confidence peaks.

Karen blends personal experiences, research and proven strategies to take frustrated weight loss seekers and turn them into self advocates for vitality and maintain long term wellness.

She’s not just sharing her personal journey, she’s delivering practical tools and strategies on how to 

  • Reflect on their current relationship with their physical body and discover where transformation is needed.
  • Design a consistency plan that is realistic and exciting to their current lifestyle patterns, and dreams.
  • Reclaim their boundaries and discover the power and vitality that comes with loving themselves from the inside out.
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My Body is My Home

Karen Wilson- Storyteller, narrator, writer with Megan Abel - Singer-songwriter

Described as a storytelling drama/musical with a sense of humor.

A walk through time with reflections of the past, wasted time with self sabotage, and life altering decisions. The plot reveals itself with inside voices interlaced with Megan’s thought provoking lyrical songs. Ending with reclaiming the joy, gratitude and power that the home our body provides.

Here is what audience members have said :

“You have an amazing story! A story where there are ups and downs, situations that u had to endure and overcome. This is a story that young women need to hear!”

"Amazing show - storytelling at its finest with a soundtrack that will have you singing along and remembering your own stories!"


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