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"Loving all the helpful tips and how to's! Great job of providing clear explanations and demonstration. Makes me feel competent that I can do this!!"

Laurie Hunt

"Karen has helped me in building my first video course. Her teaching is simple to understand and easy to implement. I would recommend Karen to anyone!"

Lisa Lacasse

"I like how quick this first video was and that I can now do my FIRST CUT then watch the next video and feel like I have accomplished something"

Michelle Atkins

Video absolutely MUST be a part of your online strategy NOW.

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What do I need?

The editing portion of this course is specifically designed for Mac and iPhone users. Although the creative templates & Tools are valuable for any software, we put most of the technical pieces together with iMovie 

Can I use my iMovie for phone?

YES! New additions to the course include iPhone for iMovie, how to film on your iPhone and how to livestream.

 iPhones and iPads do not have all the same functions as Mac computers & MacBook  pros, however there are many tips, tools, and strategies in this course that you can apply to any video editing software.


But I have No Experience

For most people, it's hard to get past the techy pains, unless it's presented step by step and sometimes, like myself , people just want the nuts and bolts of HOW to do it, before putting time in the planning. I get it!! If you are a planner, I got you 🙂 If you want to just dive in, I got you 🙂 Be unforgettable with video

If you have a virtual assistant that you would like to do video for you, this will outsource the technical teaching. I'll take care of that for you! 



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