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Be Weightless

Like Your Body, Love Yourself. New Release.

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Be Weightless

Like Your Body, Love Yourself.

New Release

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Let's tap into your vision, to live your best life, and do all of the things you say you are going to do.

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My methods

Your life is an ecosystem:




You don’t need to wait until you have more time. You just need a system.

There will never be a better time than now.

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These are popular opportunities to start working together if you’re not yet ready to join a full coaching program.

Ideas in Motion 28 Day Journal & Planner

  • Clear the clutter 

  • Feel more energized

  • Feel purposeful

  • Radiate joy!

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Be Weightless Online Program

Coming January 2022

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Ideas in Motion Podcast

Ideas in motion podcast is about honouring our life and body as an energetic ecosystem.

The show brings together stories about mind, body, and purpose, and systems to unlock your full potential.

We explore our inside voices of authenticity and truth to step deeper into who we are and who we want to be.

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Nice to meet you!

I’m Karen, an author, empowerment coach and creative professional. 

I dedicate my life's work to helping you step into your best life and enjoy the time on the journey to fulfilling your biggest desires.

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Let's Work Together

With a combination of Empowerment Coaching and Creative Professionalism, there is nothing we can't tackle.

I help you get what you want out of your intentions, complete the tough stuff, get the ball rolling on the new, and truly create what you want.

No more sliding things off the side of your desk, or telling yourself, you'll have more time tomorrow.

I have a very limited space,and strategy calls are not free. Once you purchase your strategy call you will be prompted to first fill out a pre work application so that when we hop on our strategy call, you walk away with a roadmap, whether or not we decide we are a good fit to work together long term.

Life & Wellness

Packages Available

Packages include:

  • Weekly zoom calls
  • Bonus Materials
  • Access to a private online space where we share progress and resources
  • Individualized wellness plan
  • Individualized support
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Creative Professional

Packages Available

Packages include

  • Online course creation guidance.
  • Simple website design and set-up guidance (I have absolutely no coding or wordpress experience)
  • Landing pages, funnels, oh, my! I'll show you how.
  • Individualized life and wellness plan (so that you don't have to do one or the other)
  • Access to online resources
  • Customizable packages and plans so you only pay for what you need.
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Get tips for living your best life delivered to your inbox.

Momentum in your inbox

Get tips for living your best life delivered to your inbox.