Personal Consulting

Personal Wellness Coaching 

    • Confidence / Clarity
    • Limited Belief Breakthrough
    • Physical Wellness
    • Goal Defining + Action Mapping
    • Define Your Purpose
    • Time Management   
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Digital Consulting

Digital Assistance- Help with Implementation on Many Different Platforms.

From designing your own logo, ebook, or graphics to building your own digital course website, or blog,  I can help you speed up the learning curve so that you are fully confident in your creation! Save a ton of money and gain a bucketload of clarity by being the driver of your design.

 I can set it all up with you- Or go solo - You decide


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Video Editing

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Edit Your Own Videos Like a Pro!

DIY Moviemaker Virtual Class Is Now Open Learn everything you need to know about iMovie in a couple hours!


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I may be compensated through my affiliate links and/ or referral programs on my website, but all opinions are my own and honest. Thank you for the support!



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