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Freelance Services

Youtube Set up

Your branding - Leave the set up to me. 

I'll not only do it for you, but I will also screen record the set up, so that you know EXACTLY how it's done should you need to :) - Deposit required- Packages negotiable

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Kajabi Set Up & Assistance

Website, blog, landing pages, funnels, courses, email management systems, payment systems, analytics, oh my!! I call this the online business in a box - My Digital Go to for EVERYTHING - It can be overwhelming, but I can assist! - Deposit Required or click here for free trial

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Video Editing For Course Creators

Putting your knowledge out to the world is a lot of work . Many different options I can assist with in getting your video course up for sale FAST. Send me the content, and I'll polish it for you, add visuals, B Copy, and more - Deposit Required

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Self Study Video Courses

DIY iMovie Maker

$39.00 CAD

JAMPACKED  An over the shoulder tutorial of video editing from start to finish. Start in The QUICK Win categor...

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iMovie Basics + Quick Wins


In this mini- iMovie tutorial learn the basics of iMovie for Mac and for phone. Lessons are short screen shares. Le...

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Health & Wellness

Life By Design

    • Confidence / Clarity
    • Limited Belief Breakthrough
    • Physical Wellness
    • Goal Defining + Action Mapping
    • Define Your Purpose
    • Time Management   
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Self Study Health & Wellness

Virtual Coach - Fitness- Nutrition - Mindset

$29.00 CAD

What's Included? I kind of like to call it a buffet of options, because we are all short on time , so let's make...

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Free Nutrition Detective Quickstart

Secrets To Easy Nutrition Simplify your shopping, meal prep and amplify your nutrition so that you can feel...

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