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Shelby Babakioff, Music Teacher

"Karen has not only graciously helped me with my physical health and wellness, but she also mentored me throughout many of my entrepreneurial endeavours. In addition to her strong leadership and communication skills, Karen is extremely tech-savvy and beautifully creative. She provided structured programs for me, realistic goal setting, technical and social media support and an empathetic listening ear-to name a few. I would highly recommend Karen Wilson"

Dave Ramsay, Executive Director, BC Tomorrow Society

"Not only has Karen contributed her video skills and abilities to our project, she has also been instrumental in the development of our website and educational platform. Karen’s ability to incorporate numerous visual techniques, graphics and unique images has created for the teachers and students an extremely valuable learning resource. Another key element of Karen’s video repertoire is her ability to record and develop testimonial videos highlighting student, teacher, and support workers views after they’ve interacted with our product. The testimonial videos have been used extensively as part of our fundraising and marketing campaigns."


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Why it all starts with the morning ..

Before I started working from home, I didn't give much thought to routines. I just carefully scheduled and planned so that I could stay on top of my fitness.

But now that my income is tied directly to how well I live out my passions, rather than punching a clock, I have to be way more intentional about how I start my day. After all, it's hard to be passionate when you're feeling drained ,am I right?

I started looking for new ways to make my mornings count. 

I realized that it's the small changes that make the biggest impact. Like playing with my workout schedule, unplugging my phone, and REALLY shutting off the media. 

But the biggest game changer? 

Realizing that every season of life requires an adjustment. 

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