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Ideas in Motion Dayplanner 

Mindset ⚡️ Movement⚡️ Momentum 

---- it’s all connected

and together they play the biggest part in your happiness- which makes you magnetic.

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Get Noticed Faster With Video

Transform your idea into motion...quite literally :) 

Whether you are using Video for Youtube or to build an online course, getting the basics is necessary...

📌PS... You can even outsource this course to your VA😀

$37.00 CAD
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Be Weightless

Like Your Body, Love Yourself

“This book is not about giving you a list of rules to follow and weigh-ins to do. It’s about living your healthful life on your terms with mind, body ,and purpose all centered around feeling weightless.

I share 21 years of knowledge, discoveries, strategies, and ups and downs from my personal weight-loss journey. I take you with me through the years of maintenance, and the ugly places in between. 

I was not prepared for the struggle after I lost the weight. The struggle to maintain my weight loss, and the toughest part of it all was the struggle to find me. Me defined by me.”

  • Karen Wilson
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