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Hi, I’m Karen! I can’t wait to help you achieve your vision!

and have fun in the process!

When I was 7 I began writing stories. My favorite part was sharing them to anyone who'd listen. My Dad was my biggest fan.

After being teased at school for my first kiss story, I decided to keep all of my personal stories in my diary.

My Dad was a salesman and I followed in his footsteps. I found that it was a great job, and i began sharing stories with people again. This time, it was used in a way of connection, a conversation to really understand what I could help my customer with.

I first learned about building online products in 2015 when I was a burnt out network marketer trying to find some way I could spend less time on social media trying to “find people” I could help. It was a foreign place to me. I was so used to people walking in the store and up to me.

When they entered the store, my client had already made the decision they needed or wanted something. It was then  my job to help them choose the experience in their products to get them to what they desired.

It felt unnatural to me to invite people before they had made a decision. 

I decided to I dive deep into all things in online business. So much that I shifted my profession into assisting in building educational platforms for coaches, consultants, and organizations like the BC Tomorrow Society ,CE Analytic CFX Conferences, and the Virtual Gurus Academy.

I also built several online courses myself. Some did well, while others flopped miserably.

I definitely have learned what works and what doesn’t and everything in between. I also haven’t been immune to all the materials we have access to that tell you what you have to do to succeed at this. I’m here to take it step by step with you, clear the clutter of information overload and really create what YOU want to create. 

Whether it’s to  diversify your income, free up time, or take that first step towards your biggest dream - I believe in you

Let’s do it.

My Methods

Tap into self awareness systems to experience a more energetically charged life.

My method for living a more intentional life is simple and easy to follow. It combines everything you need to align the body and the mind for total success.


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