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Ready to start living your best life? Then you're in the right place.

Show Me The 28 Day Journal & Planner

Hey there! I'm Karen

Ready to start really living your best life? Then you're in the right place.

Show me the 28 Day Journal & Planner

I know how hard it is to feel stuck even though you are working harder than you EVER have.


To let yourself down again -

You promised yourself you'd move your body today, and eat better...but alas..

you were too busy, and you look around your desk and stack your lunch, and snack dishes, walk to the kitchen to realize there is "nothing to eat"


How lonely it feels to be working on a dream that very few people understand.

Is it too late? Is this really my purpose?

Your life is an ecosystem - start treating it as one.

Mind ⚡️ Body ⚡️ Purpose ---- it’s all connected

and together they play the biggest part in your happiness- which makes you magnetic.

Tired of being frustrated? Tired of collapsing on the couch at the end of another busy day  where you didn’t even have a moment to work on that thing that is bubbling in your body screaming at you to start, or pick up again?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can gain control of your schedule again 

Start or continue that “thing” you know you NEED to do!


Take Action! You DO HAVE TIME For IT

And let's be real... nobody is going to do it for you...


The mind holds all the power. You are what you think. You are in control of the algorithm. Your mindset might feel strong until you experience more growth and see your growth


Energy moves through you. The physical release and connection that is established through physical movement flushes the toxins and releases the negative energy that is stored in the subconscious mind.


It’s with you from the moment you were born. It’s been a part of you your whole life. With the alignment of your mind and body  standing on your shoulders you will be unstoppable.

Ideas in Motion is the  practice of bringing all 3 together daily. 

Step into who you are now.

About me

Hi, I’m Karen Wilson, Wife, Mother, Business owner, Confidence Coach, Writer, and Speaker 

For years I tried to strive for “balance” I tried reaching goals by setting 10 at a time and I’d fail every time.

I’ve shared the strategies in this planner with hundreds of friends and clients over the last decade, but there were still pieces missing.

After experiencing a mini burn out for the second time in my life, I began simplifying things into 3 categories - Mind, Body, and Purpose, and picking 1 intention in each category for each 28 day period - JUST 1- Not only did my time freedom improve, but so did my health and my finances. 

Of course!! It’s the ecosystem of the body! Not balance, but the inclusion of all energy forces working together. 

The thing that was missing from my “get ish done” formula!

I LOVE journals and planners and I find myself slightly modifying them to fit my life so I created this one. And now I’m sharing the winning formula with YOU 

"Karen has not only helped me with my physical health and wellness, but she also mentored me throughout many of my entrepreneurial endeavours. She provided structured programs for me, realistic goal setting, I would highly recommend Karen Wilson"

 -Shelby Babakioff, Model, Music Teacher

I don’t know if you are aware of the impact you have on me. I am so grateful you have come into my life. As a coach. As a mentor. As a friend.”

-Kathleen Hurtubise, MA, CPCA, RIS, SVP

Who Is This For?

Maybe you’ve built an online empire but have neglected your physical health,

Maybe you are your fittest self, but you keep procrastinating, or maybe you just need to start getting that dream out of your head and into motion. 

Whatever it is, this 28 day journal and planner is designed to get you there on your terms!

  • Find time
  • Clear the clutter in your life
  • Let go 
  • Feel more energized
  • Feel purposeful
  • Radiate joy!

How Does It Work?

Where are you today?

Where do you want to be?

Define what season you are in

Smartphone Boundary Builder - This will blow your mind!

Build your Rocketlauncher Hotlists for AM & PM 

Weekly Braindump - THIS is the magic that brings YOUR ideas in Motion!

Week at a Glance - Schedule Your success path

Daily Journal - The good, bad and the ugly

Daily schedule - Intentions & Ideas are now IN MOTION

BONUSES- How to Videos inside-

Coming soon -Affirmations, Journal Prompts and a mini coaching video for each section . I will walk you through the Process!

Yes! I need This!!

Ready to get started?

Today is the day! Let's do this!

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