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Keep it simple. Small choices add up over time. Healthy is easier to stick to when you don't feel deprived.

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Learn the things food companies don't want you to know about sugars, obesogens, and inflammatory foods, and find out where they are hiding! Make better choices while shopping with grocery store cheat sheets.

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In this guide, I share with you how to simplify food prep and some favourite starter recipes the whole family will love. Eating for your goals will be easy.

Powerful List of Foods

It’s simple to get these gems on your grocery list! Complete with replacements and alternative staples to make better choices without sacrificing flavour!...Oh and this can make you look younger too!

*Disclaimer* I am not a certified nutritionist. I’m just a girl passionate about sharing the simplicity in whole food choices as a diet instead of being on a diet. I share what I’ve learned and the research I’ve done and applied to me. Simplify better choices & optimize the grocery cart:)


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