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Enjoy over the shoulder tutorials from start to finish. Carefully designed with the beginner in mind. Everything you need to know to make videos for your promotions, clients, friends, or showcase your family vacations and celebrations.

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Bonus #1

Planning Templates 

Tell your story through video faster, save time and get your message understood with these similar (but different) outline templates.

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Bonus #2

I take you on a tour of free services for stock photos, videos, music and more!!

This bonus will save you time and money.

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You get me as your coach! Inside the course with you, answering your specific questions! AND a Private Facebook Community where you can share your creations, network, and ongoing support. 

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We all love video!! Turn Your Camera Roll iInto Something epic!

Whether it's putting the photo albums from your phone into action for fun, business or to engage your team, it's something that is becoming more and more popular. Stand out from the crowd and show your stuff!


What do I need?

This course is specifically designed for Mac users. Although the creative templates & Tools are valuable for any software, we put the technical pieces together with iMovie 

Can I use my iMovie for phone?

That is up to you, but if you choose to do that be sure to view course on PC and follow along with your phone. Please note: iPhones and iPads do not have all the same functions as Mac computers & Mac pros, however there are many tips, tools, and strategies in this course that you can apply to any video editing software.


Who is this for?

If you already do a ton of iMovie and you are looking to level up your editing this may not be the course for you.

However, if your definition of levelling up is using story planning  templates and royalty free clips, and images  this may be the course for you.

If you have a virtual assistant that you would like to do video for you, this will outsource the technical teaching. I'll take care of that for you! 



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