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Get Noticed With  Video

Transform your idea into motion...quite literally :)

Some people would rather outsource all techy parts of video content and kind of wing it and hope that people will discover them with consistency.

Some people prefer to plan and strategize their videos to gain back time and/or earn extra income - To learn how to do it before they outsource- What kind of Video Creator are you?

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In The DIY Moviemaker Club you will learn...


- How to use video to maximize your time and reach.

- What to make your videos about, if you want your business to thrive like never before. 

- Strategies to soar past your competition and be googlable .

- Advanced strategies to achieve time  saving video creation systems, FAST. 

- How to go live on all platforms to cut back on editing time

- So much more!

What's included?

This course is jam packed with tutorials and lessons  specific to all things video - PLUS other stuff like free royalty free music video, and picture sources, planning a googleable playlist, be in the video, or entirely build voiceover, tools, etc... You ask, I deliver new lessons:)


Along with lessons inside the course, upon enrollment book a 1 hour strategy session with me to personalize your strategy from the getgo!

Video Editing & Live Video How To's

The Techy side. Full iMovie MAC & IOS software Tutorials, short & easy from airdrop to upload PLUS Live Video section on FB, Insta, & Youtube

Start a Youtube Channel

Complete set-up of your very own Youtube channel, with bonus optimization strategies- BE GOOGLABLE


Video creation is exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding. Karen opens the door for fun engagement, support and collaborations with the community - Facebook Group Included (optionable)

Save Time & Money

The technical pieces to the iMovie Tutorials are super short & simplified so that you don't spend time looking for "that thing" that you saw in "that long tutorial"

Let's Do This!!

Video buys back your time and extends your reach. It's like adding a 24/7 assistant to your team

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