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I'm a business owner & Co- founder of CE Analytic LTD, Mom to 2 beautiful adult children and an old dog, and happy wife of a Systems Ecologist.

Part Time Beauty Advisor & Video Creator & Editor.

I have a strong passion for wellness, and helping others simplify their lives. 

When I can help speed up someone's learning pathways or escalate creative opportunities by sharing step by step nuts and bolts style virtual training it makes my heart smile, because I know I am giving the gift of time.

My specialty is pointing out features and benefits and supplying non-biased opinions to ultimately help others make decisions.

There are so many different recipes that will get you to the same gate. I will help you find the one that brings you happy, healthy, focussed solutions that stimulate success on YOUR terms. 

 Let's Be Honest:

Doesn't  finding the right plan for anything in life feel overwhelming, like you're drinking from a fire hydrant?  Or drowning in complexity?

 I Know How You Feel

Sometimes all we want is a little validation from an honest trustworthy source. I’ve found myself googling a solution and wind up with so many different options,

I just want to know what to do or where to start !

I don’t have time to waste, I’m not getting younger….and seriously if I only have an hour to work on something whether it’s personal or professional  I want to feel as though I’ve done SOMETHING productive in that window of time. Can you relate?

My intrinsic intention has always been to genuinely help people. . Listening, understanding , and  telling the truth is easy.

 And so here we are today. How can I serve you?

I've been truly blessed to know and work with so many experts across a huge range of disciplines . I’ve learned that really there is no limit. Everything is learnable, taking action and making choices are the hardest parts.

 I Can Help

My Goal Here - Build A Deeper Relationship with You

Here’s what you can expect me to bring to our relationship:

You can expect that I’m going to openly share with you 

I’ll share with you what I have found works and what doesn’t, and my best practices 

Expect that I want to know more about you and what you want to learn.

Nothing but honesty. From time to time I may recommend programs, products that also have affiliate links. I only promote things I know, have used, and would continue to use with or without affiliateship.

I also aim to build a community of like-minded people who have a place to easily share, collaborate, and collectively move the bar forward at a sustainable pace.

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The reason why you start today will be different than the reason you keep going tomorrow.



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