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About Me


Nice to meet you!

I'm a business owner & Co- founder of CE Analytic LTD, Mom to 2 beautiful adult children and an old dog, and happy wife of a Systems Ecologist.

Part Time Beauty Advisor & Video Creator & Editor.

I have a strong passion for wellness, and helping others simplify their lives. 

 I find writing "bios" difficult because I wear many hats, however the centre core of me is creating and helping others tap into their creative expertise. 

When I first started building a virtual business I was moonlighting, and I spent a lot of time learning nuts and bolts of business. It was also the senior years of my children's time home. All of a sudden,(it seemed) they had moved out on their own. I can't help but feel like I kind of missed out on precious time.

There is always brand new generations entering the internet economy, and some have families, some don't, but we can all benefit from more time to spend with our loved ones...after all...that is WHY we work so hard, right?

When I can help speed up the young entrepreneur's learning pathways or escalate creative opportunities by sharing step by step nuts and bolts style virtual training it makes my heart smile, because I know I am giving the gift of time.

My specialty is pointing out features and benefits and supplying non-biased opinions to ultimately help others make decisions.

There are so many different recipes that will get you to the same gate. I will help you find the one that brings you happy, healthy, focussed solutions that stimulate success on YOUR terms. 


Let's Be Honest:

Doesn't  finding the right plan for anything in life feel overwhelming, like you're drinking from a fire hydrant?  Or drowning in complexity?

 So many of us have or do feel the very same way.

 I Know How You Feel

Sometimes all we want is a little validation from an honest trustworthy source. I’ve found myself googling a solution and wind up with so many different options,

I just want to know what to do or where to start !

I don’t have time to waste, I’m not getting younger….and seriously if I only have an hour to work on something whether it’s personal or professional  I want to feel as though I’ve done SOMETHING productive in that window of time. Can you relate?

My intrinsic intention has always been to genuinely help people. . Listening, understanding , and  telling the truth is easy.

 And so here we are today. How can I serve you?

I've been truly blessed to know and work with so many experts across a huge range of disciplines . I’ve learned that really there is no limit. Everything is learnable, taking action and making choices are the hardest parts.

 I Can Help

Through this website, I will share my answers and solutions to help take away the overwhelm, and help make the art of self discovery fun!. I know from my own experience that applying these can turn nagging thoughts and doubts into confident action!

We are not a one size fits all world… thank goodness!! I like to offer a buffet of options and I help you choose from the menu based on your wants and needs. Time is precious and limited – we need to make the most of yours.

My Goal Here - Build A Deeper Relationship with You

Social media can be noisy, and a lot of times we miss each other. I want to build deeper relationships with people like you who take action, and help you build up your ideas and watch you be a game changer.

Here’s what you can expect me to bring to our relationship:

You can expect that I’m going to openly share with you what works for me so that you can accomplish your success more quickly.

I’ll share with you what I have found works and what doesn’t, and my best practices 

Expect that I want to know more about you and what you want to learn.

Nothing but honesty. From time to time I may recommend programs, products that also have affiliate links. I only promote things I know, have used, and would continue to use with or without affiliateship.

I also aim to build a community of like-minded people who have a place to easily share, collaborate, and collectively move the bar forward at a sustainable pace.

 Why do I do this?

Because we can accomplish so much more when we share what we've learned with others – and that’s what I want. I want to help people. It’s my ultimate calling. - I know that more happy, healthy, balanced, action taking  people is a great thing for the world.

So that’s why I’m here sharing.  And if you are still here, wow I’m excited about that because I know that we “get” each other and I’m looking forward to knowing more about you.

My Youtube Channel

My Blog

I regularly record videos that become blog posts to share ideas that work for me or that I've seen others be successful with.

My Products And Services
While the content on my blog, and several of the tools & tutorials I offer are free, I do offer a special virtual coaching membership site and a couple of other products and services.  

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It's a pain to have to check back and see if anything new is available.  Why not let me do the work of keeping you up to date on new blog posts, features or products.  I won't stuff your inbox - I hate that too!  

Sooooo welcome!! And thanks so much for being part of this little corner of the internet :) Let’s get Started!


The reason why you start today will be different than the reason you keep going tomorrow.



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