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I’m Karen Wilson :)

Personal Consultant

CFO, and co owner of CE Analytic Ltd.

I specialize in assisting with decision making with your vision top of mind.

Then I provide tools ,support, and assist with action plan development.

 My professional life began largely in sales, retail., and customer service. I’ve worked in cake decorating, shoe sales, Fresh & deli meat distribution, and beauty advisory to name a few. 

Although the diversity of my positions are clear they came with common denominators.

It’s always been my job to help showcase different options by providing information based on a person’s needs.

Sometimes it takes detective work. Sometimes I have the right tools and experience to get my clients to their goals, while other times I have part of their solution. and can connect them with the tools, resources and/or professional guidance to reach their goal from my trusted bank of resources of people and pathways that I’ve used,  We are all unique.

I truly love my life’s work.

 I also have a passion for creativity & entertaining.

 In all of my jobs, I’ve had identity. When people asked me what I did, I’d have a title, or a place of work. Until my husband and I launched our own business. I’ll be honest, at first I had no idea how I fit. At the time “what we did” to bring in income was wildly different from one another.

My husband and business partner Barry is a Systems Ecologist. He has dedicated the last 28 years of professional work on sustainability, integrated land management and helping companies and organizations understand cumulative effects.

I partnered with a well known fitness brand and began helping people thrive physically and build income part time. - That decision led me to a path of certifications in the fitness industry where I still work part time today.

It also launched me into self discovery, personal and professional development, and belief that I had more in me to discover and offer to the world.

I became intrigued by the idea of online business . So I set out on a pathway of learning through online courses, live events, connections and community. I learned how to set up an online business that generated income.

My creative being thrives on being creative, so although it took me a while to find an outlet, I found one in video creation. Check out some of my work here. And here. And here.

Helping people tell their story and bring their vision alive is what I do now.

Bringing it to video is a creative passion.

Not everyone wants to hire a video editor/creator. Sometimes it’s better to actually create the video yourself if there is not a lot of cashflow.

So, I  created an iMovie course with the beginner in mind. It’s for people who want video, but don’t have time “to figure out” the how of iMovie.

You can learn how from airdrop to finished product in a day in one spot. In bite size portions. Simple work together screen flow lessons

My professional shift has also helped my husband and I work on more projects together. You see, he’s the Cumulative Effects guy specializing in Land use Planning, strategic planning, workplan development specialist, and quite often his work is based on new ideas, and/or procedure.

I’m a visual storyteller. I create video to help the vision come alive and be presented to decision makers. Sometimes it’s a promo video, while other times it’s an interview. Of course it’s dependent on the desires of the client.So many possibilities to discover together!

Sometimes he’s the storyteller and I’m the cumulative effects gal…:)

Categories in personal wellness ( My specialties)

Help you map a plan reach your goals, or do the "extra thing" you need to do when you feel there is no time.

Health & wellness & movement strategies


Goal setting & achieving

Action Planning

Limited Belief Breakthroughs 

Finding purpose 


On the tech side

Building a creative side business (blogging, youtube, course creating)

I also work as a video editor & Digital assistant and can teach you the hows, or do them for you.

Platforms I work with and can assist with your setup are Kajabi, iMovie, Keynote, Google Documents, Canva and of course all social media basics. 

(If you are using tools other than what I’ve listed, please inquire. I also know setup of CRM, etc..) 


Nothing but honesty. From time to time I may recommend programs, products that also have affiliate links. I only promote things I know, have used, and would continue to use with or without affiliate-ship.

I also aim to build a community of like-minded people who have a place to easily share, collaborate, and collectively move the bar forward at a sustainable pace.

Other places to find me :)

My Youtube Channel

My Blog

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