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Hi, I'm Karen Wilson

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This is my Story

When I was 7 I began writing stories. My favorite part was sharing them to anyone who'd listen. 

After being teased at school for my first kiss story, I decided to keep all of my personal stories in my diary.

Like many people I struggled for years with my body image even when I was in the best shape of my life, I couldn't see it.

I spent a combined 17 years in cosmetics and the health and fitness industry before pivoting to being a copywriter,  educational content producer, and CFO of my husbund and I's Agency CE Analytic Ltd.

I had put all of my dreams on a shelf for a long time, and kept telling myself I'd get to them one day. Then out of the blue, I bonked. My body hit burnout, and my nervous system needed a serious rest, so I took it, and decided to just choose one lane of work.

I became even more specialized in online course development. 

And I began writing stories again, mostly for self awareness, and some that I felt may be published one day. I began recallebrating my nervous system using nutritional education, and excercises designed to calm the body.

In 2021, I wrote and self published my first book, "Be Weightless" inside of 90 days. I finally wrote that book.

When I look in hindsight at my lifeline and my health patterns its become incredibly clear to me how the mind body and purpose are connected, and how important it is to find flow- not necessarily balance, but flow.

I specialize in helping people develop their work breakdown structure to get ideas in motion. But not like any other plan you've experienced- I meet you EXACTLY where you are today.

There is no more sliding yourself off your TO DO list.

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