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I first learned about building digital courses in 2015 when I was a burnt out network marketer trying to find some way I could spend less time on social media trying to “find people” I could help. 

I dove deep into all things in online business. So much that I shifted my profession into assisting in building educational platforms for coaches, consultants, and organizations like the BC Tomorrow Society ,CE Analytic CFX Conferences, and the Virtual Gurus Academy.

I’ve also built several online courses myself. Some did well, while others flopped miserably. #truth

Pocket Course Architect

A no - nonsense process for getting your idea out of your head and into ACTION . Create THE course that people ACTUALLY want to buy.

It's my goal for my students to have a 100% success rate on following through and taking their courses through the finish line. This is more than JUST another online course. I'd like to ensure this is truly the right fit for you at the right time, and help you with your "Get Started Workplan " right out of the gate.

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I'm ready to help YOU get this done with incredible clarity and simplicity I'm ready- Are you ready?

Let's create a pocket course based on the expertise and audience you already have.

What's Included?

  • A no - nonsense process for getting your idea out of your head and into an easy to communicate message that will also serve as a GPS system to your course outline
  • A simple process to get your curriculum written that will render saving you time , heartache and even money when it comes to the set up and launching phase
  • Simple technology tricks to  simplify your digital product systems .
  • You will have everything you really need to have together BEFORE investing time and money in outsourcing or using a paid hosting platform
  • And bonus - You will have your personal checklist of what you absolutely MUST do yourself before trying to outsource. Avoid the nightmares of doing things over and over again and correcting mistakes.
  • You will also learn how to write your simple sales page copy for your students to say HECK YES !YES! Count me in!
Yes! Count me in!

Here’s what we are going to do

We will be focussing on what I like to refer to as a pocket course.
What’s a pocket course you say?
It’s a smaller course, a gateway course. Something that you already do with your clients or social media audience already.
Think about how your current clients would benefit by having you, their mentor, or coach, in their pocket.
What would it be like to free up time without losing revenue?
You will then be ready to take students through your pocket course.
Your existing audience or client base are going to feel spoiled, which will feel amazing, and your new clients that enter your pocket course are going to get a taste of how amazing you are to work with and get results they want fast. Win Win!

What is the Plan?


Week 1
Your Pocket Course GPS

A step by step process to walk you through articulating the problem you solve and organizing your outline in a way that creates wild success and student retention.

Week 2 
Ideas in Motion- Lesson writing sprints

This builds on week 1. Because you have your GPS, lesson writing will be a breeze. … 

I share you all of my "Rocket Fuel for Writing" tips and secrets.

Week 3
And so it is Creation Phase

This week is about delivery decisions and preparation All the nuts and bolts come together.

Week 4
Grip the Steering Wheel - Test drive your masterpiece

Ready or not it’s time to talk about it, and in order to talk about it you need a “sales” page that communicates your offer. [I have a simple template to share with you.]

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After years of doing this for other people I know exactly what you need to have ready BEFORE you invest in a course platform, so if you choose to go that route, you can either get set up in record time, and start enrolling students right away, and/or hire an assistant to help you get set up.

I’m going to share with you my COMPLETE checklist and include items that MUST be done by YOU, and items that can be outsourced.

I’m also going to show you a screenflow of exactly how I set up the software I use- It doesn’t matter what software you use, you still need all the things in my checklist in the order I give them to you.

Are you ready to commit?

I'm so ready for this!

Still not sure? Here’s why I know it will work for you

I’ve been working with course creators from many different industries for several years now, and I know the hangups, so I’ve incorporated some strategies in this course to overcome those obstacles right out of the gate.

I'm also committed to showing up every day. I'm committed to helping you launch your idea in motion!

Okay Let's Do This!