27. Life After Loss With Cherie McEntire

Season #4

Loss - It is inevitable in our lives. How do we move on? How do we pick up the pieces? Where does the strength come from?

Today’s episode is about life after loss with very special guest  Cherie McEntire. A friend from wayyyyy back. 

She’s a mom, a grandma, and a hockey player and so much more and today she’s pulling back the curtain on her life journey and sharing her story of life after loss.

Cherie was one of the first people that was kind to me when I moved to Prince George in fourth grade. 

We talk about:

How We Met

Grade School


Cherie’s Story 

What is the toughest phrase to hear after sudden loss.

How to prepare your children for peoples condolences 

Life in recovery physically & mentally

New relationship after loss

Life after loss

Saying goodbye, and so much more.

A note that if you are struggling some of the content may be triggering.

You are not alone- the purpose of this episode is to  be true inspiration and to help anyone who's listening, can get something out of what Cherie has shared. A little bit of comfort or some clarity.

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