30. The Ripple Effect | Catching a Wave During and After a Peloton Ride

Season #4

One cold January morning I got up early, like I normally do, and was working on my talk. Feeling a little scared, and honestly kind of frazzled about my next step, I turned to a facebook scroll. That’s when I see it. A call from our local theater looking for artists to apply to perform in the summer festival called Theater on the Edge. That’s interesting, I thought. Is this something I could do? Hmmm… probably not. Karen, stop distracting yourself and get your butt downstairs to the gym before you miss your workout window.

This episode is a journey I went on that morning. The ripple effect in action- with the artists that impacted me so greatly by sharing what was in my mind, and the lyrics that spoke to me in their songs. Hop on the ride with me and experience the ripple effect in action.

 Link to the Peloton Class in this episode - Ride here

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