40. Forget The Resolutions! This is How I Plan Now

Season #5

🌟 Karen Wilson is back with another insightful episode on the Creative Life in Motion podcast!

This time, she's diving into goal setting and creating a day that you actually want.

🎯 In this episode, Karen shares a step-by-step guide to planning goals that excite you and creating your ideal day without the pressure of resolutions.

πŸ“ Ready to start enjoying the process of goal setting and living your ideal day? Tune in to gain valuable insights and tangible tips to shift your mindset and approach to goal setting. Listen now and start mapping out the day you truly want!

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This is part 2 - To watch part one click hereπŸ‘‰ https://www.karenwilson.online/podcasts/creative-life-in-motion/episodes/2148351240

Mapping out your current daily routine - Identifying habits to eliminate or delegate - Understanding the concept of season change in life - Creating new productive habits - Setting realistic intentions for the upcoming week- It's all in there!

You can download the digital version of the Ideas in Motion planner and journal system to follow along. Pay what you can and get ready to transform your planning game!

Thanks for hanging out with me.

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