49. Body Shame and Societal Standards

Season #5

Body Love For Beginners. Overcoming Body Dysmorphia and Building a Positive Self-Image

In this episode of the Creative Life in Motion podcast, we dive into the topic of body love, exploring the signs and prevalence of body dysmorphia, especially among youth. Host Karen discusses the impact of social media on body image, shares personal experiences and research statistics, and offers actionable tips to foster a positive relationship with one's body.
a card pull from the Sacred Self Care Oracle Deck, and a mantra and journal prompt to inspire self-reflection and self-care.

00:00 Introduction to Body Love
01:13 Understanding Body Love and Confidence
02:03 Research and Statistics on Body Image
04:36 Personal Experiences and Reflections
10:57 Body Dysmorphia and Its Symptoms
17:44 Ways to Love Your Body
26:04 Sacred Self Care Oracle Card Reading
32:20 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The episode also includes clips from this video by Allure,
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