42. I QUIT setting resolutions after Learning 3 Things

Season #5

✨ Ditch Resolutions, Embrace Evolution! ✨

πŸ—“οΈ Karen is redefining goal-setting on "Creative Life in Motion" with practical, feel-good strategies.

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Here's just a few things you'll discover in the inspiring "I quit resolutions" episode:

1. The Art of Intention Setting: Learn to live by intention, not by resolutions. Karen explores the 28-day intentions exercise that focuses on how you want to feel, be, and do every day, and how this practice can transform your life with simplicity and clarity.

2. Super Stacks for Success: Dive into the revolutionary concept of super stacks, a personalized collection of action items inspired by intention, and see how to tailor your morning and evening routines to encourage self-care and professional growth.

3. The Power of Affirmations: Gain insights into how daily affirmations can shape your mindset and help manifest your goals. Join Karen as she shares her own affirmations and guides you through choosing your own, based on your primary focus of feeling.

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