Creative Life in Motion

Creative Life in Motion

Hosted by: Karen Wilson

Closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. In this BFF style setting we we talk about finding self-acceptance and appreciation for body through accessing our creative outlets. body image, weight...


Morning Ritual Strategies

Season #1 Episode #10

It started with this feeling that things were off for me…and quite frankly they have been since the day our dog had her first stroke last summer. I kept summing it up to grief, training hard for the marathon, fatigue...
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How to Change a Habit

Season #1 Episode #9

Habit is something that is done without thinking about it. There are good habits, and not so good habits. Usually they have a trigger attached to them. I don't believe we were born with habits. We also have the power...
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7 Happy Habits

Season #1 Episode #8

Everyone's journey is different. Plain and simple. The more we become connected with ourselves in our own lane, our own pace, the happier the experience will be. Comparison builds walls and barriers, like obstacles...
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How To Get Unstuck

Season #1 Episode #7

If You Can Make Your Rough Draft, You Can Get Unstuck "Your biggest challenge is not getting it right : it's getting started." -Michael Hyatt Have you ever found yourself holding back on something you felt you really...
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Balanced Fitness For Weight loss

Season #1

Episode 6 Today is all  about balanced fitness for weightloss And the common mistakes that could actually lead to weight gain Comparison VS Goals and How To Avoid the Slippery Slope. Real Talk  VS Myth & What...
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How to Stay Consistent With Fitness

Season #1 Episode #5

The question I am asked most concerning fitness is : “How do you stay so motivated?” The second one is , “How do you stay so consistent?” I see both of these questions as having similar answers and fueling one...
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Declutter The Things you use the most

Season #1 Episode #4

How to declutter the  things you need every day For a calmer more productive you Your phone  Your make up drawer Really are you going to wear that lipstick from 4 years ago?? Your clothes closet- If you haven’t worn...
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Goal Setting With a Twist

Season #1 Episode #3

Part 2 of a 2 part series Goal Setting with a twist You may have done this’s not new, but just like my mentor told me, I’m repeating her words...the more you do this the more it will become ingrained in...
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When I Hit The Wall

Season #1 Episode #2

How the heck do we know what goals to go for?? I mean really...I know my priorities...why do I need to study them??  If you want to see your past, look at your present life conditions. If you want to see your future,...
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Bring On Balance

Season #1 Episode #1

Welcome to the Bring On Balance Show. This show is designed to help you make directional choices so that you can reach your goals faster with clarity, confidence and consistency while feeling whole, fulfillment and...
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