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podcast Jan 02, 2019


 Your phone

  1. Choose a lock screen that inspires you, or makes you joyful
  2. Get rid of all the apps you no longer use Hold your finger on the app until it jiggles and an x appears
  3. Make this by hovering 1 app over the other until a folder appears - name it
  4. Home screen clear
  5. 2nd page social media & messaging
  6. 3rd video editor photo editor
  7. Last page learning & Health & fitness

NO EMAIL & NO PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Really you can do it :) 

Take control of Your inbox

Main email Unsubscribe to things you don’t want

Create gmails for organization and create

Your make up drawer

Really are you going to wear that lipstick from 4 years ago??

Your clothes closet- If you haven’t worn it in the last year it’s time to either donate or toss it

The most important one…

Declutter your brain

Things written down stop the swirling around in your head

Have you ever like gone to work in your sleep??

Done nightly and this helps for better sleep

 Your keys ...OMG put them in the same place every day :) 


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