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How To Stay Consistent

podcast Jan 09, 2019
 How To Stay Consistent

3 Golden Steps To Consistency

The question I am asked most in regards to fitness is :

“How do you stay so motivated?”

The second one is , “How do you stay so consistent?”

I see both of these questions as having similar answers and fueling one another.

I stumbled into the 3 simple steps to Consistency, but not without a lot of struggle first.

My dad used to always tell me that I am an expert at helping people with everything that I have learned, especially because I have always chose to learn the hard way.

This is how I used to think and act:

I seldom paused to read directions. I liked to dive in and get things done.

If others had advice I’d often wouldn’t completely take it because I like to experiment with other ways...that may feel more comfortable….and 9 times out of 10, I’d go back to the same advice months and sometimes years later.

I’ve often helped others with the advice I’d receive and watch them have tremendous success and somehow it skips right over me. I have struggled with implementation many, many times.

 It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, but if we’re going to be friends and share a journey together, it’s important that you know I’m in this with you. And I will always share my discoveries with you :)

 I’d like to help you avoid the struggle I went through and give you the golden nuggets of the steps that work. I’ll also share examples of how I’ve implemented so that you have this to make it your own.

The secret sauce lies beyond the steps and in implementation.

Step 1

Determine Your Why

Everyone says this and what is often missed is that our “why” will evolve. It’s something that must be revisited multiple times to get it right.

Action step - Write it down, and post it where you can see it . I encourage you to go beyond numbers, and size and focus on how you want to feel, and for whom you want to feel it for.

Be honest about it, because it must be flexible.

I encourage you to write down how you want to feel a month from now, 6 months, then a year, and visualize what it will feel like to be there.

I started my journey to healthy, a 27 year old woman with a boatload of problems that were created by my obesity that I had accepted and ignored. I had a 5 year old boy I could barely keep up with.

It evolved into feeling better, and my why was mainly because I saw results in my new actions.

I was gaining energy, and confidence, and I actually started to believe I could be a “healthy” person. Now, 19 years later,  my "why" is because I feel my best and through habit and consistency it's actually part of who I am.

 Step 2

Create Time in Your Day For Your Workout

Action step- The best way to do this is to take out a day planner and cross out the times that you KNOW you are unavailable.Then choose the time when you will least likely be interrupted, and try to make it the same time daily. If you work shiftwork, it may be more of a challenge, and your planner might have to go a day at a time but with some experimenting you will get it.

 Golden foolproof most consistent window of time !

Do it in the morning before anyone else needs you. This might be challenging with little ones, and it will definitely take an adjustment phase, but it is really the only part of your day you can CREATE time. Simply get up earlier.Don’t talk to anyone or look at your phone, just get your gear on and go. Sleep in your gear if you have to.

Don’t worry, your body will adjust after about 14 days.

It is so worth it. Research shows the most consistent people get up early. This 1 habit will carry you through every life event, every sudden change of schedule, etc..

I finally adopted this after many frustrating moments of workout interruptions, guilt of spending time with me when others needed me, and yes, end of day “I have no more energy left” procrastination.

You deserve a slice of time to put your best efforts into you...just do it.

Okay, okay, you might have a solid plan and a different time, and workout time has never been a problem...if that’s the case, then that’s cool , I just shared with you a back -up plan if you ever need it :)

Step 3


Action step - Write a list of things you will need to get started. Make a list of things that you would like to try. Try new things. Talk to others who may have things that they like, but be cautious to make decisions that you can stick to by yourself if your new accountability buddies suddenly doesn’t show up.

Yeah, it happens get going, and you’re on a good stretch and suddenly your class gets cancelled or your accountability buddy has a leave of absence.

That’s why it’s important to research your needs first, and if you need extra accountability, look for it within your terms in your chosen activity.

Also financially what do you need?


A coach?

A structured home program?

A personal Trainer?

Gym membership?

Don’t let your list stop you, because you can get started now. 

Contact me for a consultation and let's get you started on your most consistent year ever. 



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