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131 Method Movement Phase 3 | Renew

nutrition Feb 27, 2018

It’s not the finish line , but 12 weeks have gone by since starting the full 131 movement.

It’s not a diet, it’s a method. A movement . Empowering.

If I could sum it up in 1 word, that word would be freedom.

Freedom from the scale

Freedom from carb sensitivity

Freedom from a 3 week long “monthly girly time”

Freedom from muscular & joint pain

Freedom from counting macros, calories, portions, and obsessing over my next “feeding time”


No post vacation travel bloat

I did not have a lot weight to lose, but I’m still losing size.

My energy is high!

Watch Video Below...

I’m no longer hubs kinda benefits there, lol!!

I know my intuitive eating style ..For those of you that I’ve told bits about this program, you’ve watched, and not judged. I’m on this study of one. Thank you for your support, but I am not done…A diet starts, and then it’s over…this is NOT one of those. I’ve seen results inside the program that are mind blowing and had the opportunity to recently meet some of the geniuses behind the program, and the members that have become geniuses inside the program in their study of one.

Yesterday…someone told me I look younger every time they saw me…I immediately dismissed it as a great make up day…but maybe…it’s autophagy <3

You can join the movement with us…A new group begins weekly :) 

What is Renew like?

At first prepping for renew…well I got excited for the variety in the pattern…but wait…this means I can’t have fat bombs every day??

This meant I had to prep a little better, things a little harder, AND use more of the categorized recipes. Once I went back in to the 131 program and started digging into the categorized recipes I instantly felt taken care of…Ohhhh This is going to be easy!! 

Then I looked at the exercise template, and adjusted my eating pattern to coincide wiyth my training pattern, and voila…magic began to happen.

 Wow!!! Seriously this is sooo awesome!! Then it happened….Carb days!! Perfect timing to hit before long run day in my marathon training…. and carbs did not blow me up like I thought they may. I even tried my hubs homemade bread with wheat and gluten...shocking I know :) I did have sniffles and a lil tiredness, so I went back to plant carbs and was good.

I thought I would be ravenous after long run (being a lean green day) I had bone broth for recovery. Fat burning days got me pretty excited…lol …I’m always pretty excited to have my fat burning coffee :) :) :)  

 I just followed the meal plan template and modified where necessary, but the recipes are sooooo easy . I did not track a thing on MFP for an ENTIRE MONTH I really feel like using my intuition is liberating...all this from a girl who refuses to weigh herself, lol but I FEEL in control..Thank you Team 131 !!

 Travelling prep & Fasting Protocol

 I did not fast this time because I attended the Marketing Impact Academy Live ,which meant ALOT of excitement, a little travel anxiety. It just didn’t feel like the right time. Why? Because I had all these other things going on. Travel, Intense thinking, a little less sleep than normal, I just picked the intuitive road. I still melted a bit :)

 I kind of drew outside of the lines here and there in the last week of renew , but for the first time in a LONG time I was totally and completely in control of my appetite. I did not gain any travellers bloat, and at times I really just comfortably held off meals for convenience of time. It was easier for me to be in fat burn and I really felt like I was in control of my fuel source.

I am finishing off the week in carb charge and beginning Ignite again ..The timing is perfect for my training load and fat burn days hold a special place in my heart<3 ...It's all about the avocado ...

Funny Karen moment..…I forgot to pack utensils. I always like to go to a grocery store to pick up whole food when I travel, but sometimes I forget to pack things to actually eat with…I had a plastic knife and a measuring spoon ( for my MCT oil I brought from home)

Hehe!!! It worked. 

In the grocery store I picked up mustard, nutritional yeast, Himalayan salt, avocado , spinach, salmon, whole raw nuts, raw zoodled sweet potato, tempeh (which I found out is just fine raw with no marinade) and of course bone broth :) 

If you are curious about my experience with the 131 Method, message me, or check it out here .... 131 Method

I still don't know what I weigh... but I know how I felt when I started, and my body reflected the inflammation I had..Before you say it....I know... I didn't really do very well at measuring progress across the board...but I'm so used to not seeing results...I didn't want to let myself down. 

I knew that if I felt better the other side effects would come...I let go of every expectation I had ever put upon myself before on other dumb diets .. I just allowed myself to trust, and I feel 10 years younger...I'm not gonna lie, I'm enjoying seeing a leaner version of me but size does not define, how we feel about ourselves does. 

I'm still not weighing myself...To be continued...


This post includes affiliate links. My opinions & recommendations are genuine, transparent and based on my own experiences .Thank you for your support :) <3  

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