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131 Method | 1 Year In

nutrition Jun 25, 2018

I was scared that it wouldn’t “work” long term— I was wrong .OMG this is so so liberating!! 

 When something “works” I look at multiple things.

Can I do this as a lifestyle? Yes

Do I feel restricted? No 

Do I get to choose my own food ? Yes 

Will I gain the weight back? 

No... because of the cyclical pattern whole food approach  it’s not like dieting .. it’s intuitive eating

But the internal transformation that I’m experiencing is priceless

 I’ve learned that battling weight “my entire life” has not been entirely my fault

 I’ve learned scientific approaches to heal inflammation in my body, thereby resetting my hormones which in turn has reset my metabolic function. 

 But the biggest transformation was learning how to “get results” while learning how to be kind to my body 

 I no longer struggle with myself for “eating off plan” 

I don’t push myself to the max in EVERY workout 

I don’t punish myself if I need more rest 

I was not looking for the mental wellness results, nor did I think I needed them... 

 but sometimes we can’t recognize something is off until we have the experience of feeling better... I didn’t know it could be better than it was until it was... does that make sense? 

But what happens when things fall apart??

 Something happened this time going through ignite that I was not prepared for. My  13 yr old dog had a massive stroke and we thought it was the end. She dropped and didn’t get back up. For 36 hours we were in mourning, and we had a home visit from the vet to confirm if she would restore quality of life or not , which I now call the animal whisperer . He helped our dog believe that she could recover by putting her feet in the grass, and she suddenly “woke up” 

If you’ve watched my videos you know that my dog is my meditative sidekick. We rescued her 11 years ago, and we share morning energy daily ever since day 1. She’s often making noise “tapdancing “ in the background as soon as I hit record, lol

 This came exactly 6 days before I was to get on a plane across the country to visit my Mom for a week . 

 I became numb with fear because 11 years ago, pretty much to the day, my dad had a massive stroke, and as he entered recovery, my mom encouraged me to go ahead with our summer family vacation, and that everything was uphill from there- He died just 24 hours after we left. 

 I was terrified if I would leave my dog,  she would die, and if I didn’t go see my Mom, she would die.

 What does this have to do with the 131 Method? Because of this new mindset, this new clarity and connectivity I’ve had with my physical body with the tools that the 131 method has given me, I’ve been able to tap into the emotional and spiritual connection with myself and created my stress management system. Instead of adding strenuous exercise and emotional eating 


The former emotional eater in me was not even triggered

I processed my fears by addressing the connection of past fear to present feelings INSTEAD OF eating crap & working out harder to punish myself for eating crap. 

 There’s more… Of course, I went on to have an amazing week with my mom.

She got to LIVE with me for a week and when she ate from the 131 Method meal plan her energy was up, and her blood sugar was healthy.

I was able to help her identify triggers, and the highs and lows food can bring.

 I grew up eating for EVERY emotion…happy, sad, lonely, bored, and every social function or holiday was all about food.

I ve spent more time in my lifetime trying to convince my mom and family there that I am not on a diet, that I have a diet, and that I’m not depriving myself, I really am not, and if I say no, it’s not because I CAN’T have that, it’s because I choose not to. I felt like an alien at times, but as I speak the science, people lean in and started to “get it” 


We went grocery shopping and I showed her how to REALLY read a label and she was absolutely floored at the extra ingredients in many of her favorite foods. We shared fatbombs with my auntie for tea as well, and the questions just kept coming. I felt pretty smart when I could recite so much of what I’ve learned through the 131 Method teachings, and even break it down further to help Mom implement tiny little changes that make a huge difference .

 I used to have anxiety when I travel, and even with a major delay, and unplanned overnight, I remained calm (131 Method side effect I’m sure of it!)

 Now here is the thing… I’ve never been so passionate, so excited, and so committed to the 131 movement because I SEE SO MANY PEOPLE WHO JUST DON’T KNOW IT CAN BE BETTER UNTIL IT IS! 

 The challenge is technology… many people who need this (like my mom) don’t know how to post to facebook, let alone go online for a program, so the book is going to be a game changer for that ENTIRE demographic and I’m excited to buy multiple copies! 

 I also have planned to become certified in the program when that becomes an option because it feels like the next step in my journey, as well as to the benefit of my family and clients.

 Usually by now things have stopped working

Usually by now, the 10lbs  I lost has come back 

 But I have a new number, and I’m no longer afraid of the scale :) 

 Since using the 131 Method, I have lost 13lbs and 13 inches

AND I’ve gained peace, clarity, a boatload of knowledge, and freedom from the ups and downs of dieting. I’m focused, happy, with balanced hormones. Most importantly, the diet wars are over, and I’m at peace .

 PS...And 2 weeks post stroke, my dog is 95% recovered. 

 Enjoy the video summary below :)


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