3 Tips To Make a Comeback

mindset Jul 21, 2017


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The problem was making that first post. In this Blog post I'm going to share what I did to beat my fear and anticipation, and the actual messy but wonderful outcome.

Okay, really, it did not go as planned.  I knew what I wanted to say, and it ended up being kind of rough, but the hardest thing was actually doing it. I believe though, it's okay that it was messy because I met the personal goal of just moving forward. 

I mean really...have you ever been on a diving board with your toes digging in anticipating that first leap? Then it turns into kind of a belly flop with water up your nose, but the fact that you did it makes the next time not so scary. That's how we improve. 

I've been at the edge of this diving board for a while and here is the way I got past my fear to move forward. To just take that first step.

1) I refused to call it fear, because I'm not afraid, really I'm not...or am I? That was the first question I had for myself. What am I afraid of?

Turns out it was just the empty space that I left my followers and my friends. , I had built up things in my head that they were thinking...I must be hiding something or going through something, or that I completely given up or quit. I couldn't just show up pretending no time had gone by.

2) I asked myself what would take this worry away. What is stopping me from just leaping? (Because I'm pretty good at "jumping into things" )

The answer I kept coming up with was an explanation to where I've been. Now most experts will say, you don't need to provide an explanation, because that might not look good to your new followers and usually people don't notice your absence. Okay, maybe that's true, for some, but I felt I needed to explain.

3) I wrote a letter. I chose to go live on Facebook with this letter. That would be my first post. 

Whether you choose to publish your letter, or go live like I did...well that's up to you. It's what worked for me. My plan was to read the letter...but the video didn't go as planned (It's embedded in this blog ) So I'm sharing my letter the way it was written here so that those that feel like reading it can, and we can all move forward together!. :)

 The Letter 

I apologize, the only regret I have is that I didn’t take you for the ride. I’ll explain in a minute but first I want to acknowledge my current followers and subscribers. Thank you so much for all the support you have given me over the past several years. I am grateful for every one of you .The likes, the comments, the relationships :)

If you are new here! Welcome. Stay tuned

I’d love to know your name, so make sure to say hi in the comment section below .

This page was established in 2012, If you’ve been here awhile, you know that it’s been primarily a fitness channel.

I’ve been holding back on everything for the past year, and the longer I’ve held back , the harder it’s been to resurface. I felt I needed to write this. Kind of like a conversation, if I didn’t see you in real life for a year, we’d exchange stories about where we have been all year.

I have a different approach to things that has kind of conflicting patterns of what I was showcasing. I was trapped in a thought process of thinking I was doing everything wrong. I was a little scared to share my true vision because I felt it’s kind of different, but I can’t deny who I am, and the message I want to leave .I realize, to you, it may have seemed like I quit on you, like I quit on myself, but I didn’t. I did not “struggle” through this process. It’s been enlightening, and given me so much peace, calm, and confidence.The hardest part has been pushing through the door, and taking action after the silence.

Maybe you feel I should have brought you with me through this process of digging deeper, and for that I’m sorry my friend, I had to limit my time here because really tuning into my vision meant that I had to limit my distractions so that I could hear my inside voice loud and clear.I’m pretty sure you understand, because you are cool like that..we “get “ each other that way, and I’m so grateful for that.

As a person who promotes balance and self care, I would be doing a disservice to the world if I didn’t practice it myself. If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s this. You can’t help people through things you haven’t gone through yourself.  

So here goes, and here’s what to expect from me moving forward...

If you are here for weight loss secrets, I won’t be promoting, pills , powders, or shakes. I have my favorite supplements, however, I promote real food first. Learning how to fuel your body without supplements is the best way to keep weight off for good.

If you are here for fitness, please understand this about me. Fitness was my gateway to so much more, and it can be for you too. It’s only one piece of the puzzle though.

I promote falling in love with something that gets you excited to do it. I love exercise every day. Not for punishment, not because I’m trying for a certain size, or look, but because it keeps me healthy from the inside out. If it annoys you that I never complain I don’t want to do it, sorry about that. I truly understand. I’ve been there 17 years ago. Use that annoyed feeling for fuel. I can tell you you have all the strength and power within you to create the habit, and you will feel the same but you have to believe it and do it, I can’t do that part for you.

Here we are now in this time, when I have emerged from what was supposed to be a season that turned into a year, taking a BIG breath and becoming consistent with you once again!

This page is a Lifestyle Page .

Please expect : Honesty, Lifestyle balance, and trust.

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THANK YOU for your patience. There are great things on the horizon <3

>>>>>And This Was The Video...Oh My!!


As you can clearly see I didn't rehearse ...but that is the go getter in me. And now it can only get better with practice right? Authenticity is the new black ;)

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If you know someone this will help take a step forward, feel free to share! Join the discussion, what way are you moving forward today?

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