3 Tips To Start Exercising After a Break

fitness after 40 Aug 30, 2017

The first time you try anything it might be humbling, hard, it might suck a bit but if you like something about the workout, the person delivering it, the atmosphere, the challenge, whatever, you will master it quickly, and you will benefit greatly emotionally and physically.

We all remember our first time achieving something hard. In the video above , I describe the excitement behind arriving at the gateway for the first time.

It's a much different experience than being there the second time, or if there has been a big break in between. My best advice is be kind to yourself and start where you are today. It’s a simple sentence but not always simple to follow. 

3 Tips To Start Exercising After A Break

If you are making a comeback, you might remember a previous version of yourself. Avoid the comparison game and wipe the slate clean and start where you are. Instead make a weekly goal based on how many workouts you will perform.

Expectations come from what we may have achieved in the past, or worse, comparing ourselves to others. Results take time to show up. Avoid jumping in with too much gusto and expecting yourself to go from 0 to 100 this week.

Do some investigating. Find out what YOU like to do and feel great about sticking to. When you start talking to others about what you are doing, many people will offer advice, or suggestions. It’s wonderful to get help and suggestions from others, and if something intrigues you I recommend trying it ( more than once) to see if it’s something that you will grow excitement around.

Action Steps 

  1. Identify where you are TODAY.
  2. What kinds of exercise do you like the most? 
  3. Identify something new you want to try.



Soon you will be experienced. Muscle memory takes over. It becomes a habit to show up every time. Embrace how good it feels when you are done. 

Notice how much better you feel on the days you spend time on you!

Make friends with people in your new space that are already committed.

Now it's your turn... Let's get started!!

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