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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

nutrition Nov 30, 2018
Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

I love holidays just as much as anyone else. Any time everything relaxes on routine and we are able to take a break from regular, it’s nice.It's comfy.

I’m not going to lie though I do generally  tend to lean harder into structure and routine, because for me relaxing for too long gets me kind of cranky. I somehow used to always come out of holidays a little more bloated than regular but when I stick to the tips I’m sharing with you, It's easier to get back to "normal",  rested, and without the typical 5-7lbs to shed afterwards.

The older I get, the harder it comes off, so it’s got to be worth it!

1. Make a list of the foods you will definitely feel deprived if you don’t indulge in. Really think about this one. Calories and fat don’t give refunds, so if it’s totally not worth it, why bother adding it? Give yourself permission without guilt to have that flexibility and even go as far as picking the time. Be Specific. For example, you may want buttertarts on Christmas Eve.I know I do!

2. Avoid alcohol AND treats together. Make the decision BEFORE you go out and stick to it. At risk of sounding boring I think it’s best to avoid alcohol all together. It’s really not worth the calories, interrupted sleep, etc.  If there is a certain cocktail that feels like a treat, it should be in your above list from number 1 and limit it to 1. 

3. Just say no to office goodies. Around this time of year, the sugar is flowing like a river. I guarantee if you start indulging in treats at the office or workplace, it will become a habit long after the holidays disappear. Just don’t. Brown bag your lunch, guzzle your water, and remember you’ve already made your choice. Look forward to the foods you love, don’t waste calories on the things that are just OK.

4. Don't skip your workout. Now more than any time movement matters for more than one reason. Not only because of more food being around, but also more stress.It does not mean you need vigorous intensity.  Exercise and "time outs" will release the extra tension that has a tendency to build up at this time. If necessary, cut it back just a little. Park further away at stores. Go for an after dinner stroll. Remember, exercise is not punishment, it is a reward.

5. Get plenty of rest. It's underrated lately. It kind of feels like in this day if you rest, sleep, take time off, or just give yourself permission to be lazy, you are a loser. Guess what? You don't have to say yes to every holiday function, and you can just shut off the world for a day and stay in your pjs. Aim to sleep 8-9 hours per night for best results in supported restoration. The bonus is, you won't have the added pressure to treat yourself because of fatigue cravings. 

It doesn't have to be complicated, and you can still have fun, but be sure to put yourself in the drivers seat. Get rid of New Year's resolutions, and just choose a path that is easier to follow year round. 

 One more thing....if you save it until Christmas to indulge (and so you should have wiggle room) DO NOT get on the scale on Boxing Day. Eating foods for one day that normally are not in your diet won't make you gain 7-10lbs overnight.

However the scale might reflect ...just...don't...give yourself a couple of days to debloat first . 

Enjoy yourself!


There really isn't a better time than right now, to get started...while you are thinking about it...otherwise "someday" is just still sitting there...undone..


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