7 Happy Habits To Live By

podcast Jan 30, 2019
7 Happy Habits to Live By

 The Past can't be changed. 

It was there to learn from. It was there to provide something that is helpful for you, and your loved ones in the future <3

 Opinions don't define you.

People will all have opinions, good, bad, ugly. It doesn't mean you are those opinions. 

Everyone's journey is different.

Plain and simple. The more we become connected with ourselves in our own lane, our own pace, the happier the experience will be. Comparison builds walls and barriers, like obstacles thrown in your path. You can get over them, however it's exhausting, and it slows you down.

Happiness is found within.

Temporary happiness is easy to find from outside influence, people, things, but the long term stuff comes from within. If there is something that can be adjusted to make that happy meter go up, do it. There are people who can help, and if there feels like there is no sunshine on the horizon, it may be time to reach out for help. Therapy is a sign of STRENGTH.

Your thoughts affect your mood.

This can go either way. Turn that frown upside down. Watch what happens.

Smiles are contagious.

Challenge yourself to smile at everyone today...even if it feels weird. You will pass on an incredible energy.

It's okay to let go, and move on.

Forgive that person, forgive yourself. Let go of the thing that's filling you with angst. If it feels like too much is on your plate, you are probably right. Let something go. Move on. Learn from it :) 

You Deserve The Best <3


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