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real life stories Apr 19, 2018

I am a Generalist, Course Creator, Video Editor, Beauty Advisor, & Health Activist Making a Movement To Say You Don't Have To Be in "One Lane" To be "Successful"

I've found the most  balance in keeping all the things I love in my business. It's the road less travelled, it takes considerable planning, focus, patience, boundaries, and "office hours" . . In every "subject" I help people make confident decisions based on the information they give me, and help them map out their recipe of success.

 Who are you? What are you? What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you stay at home to raise kids, go to work in the corporate ladder, or follow that entrepreneurial dream? When people ask you what you do, what do you say?

I've always been good with people, from the time I entered the world, throughout all of my "jobs" (usually in people and service industries) my joy has come from sharing joy.

Quick wins that include, a smile on a cold day, encouragement on a tough day, an ear to a person in need, a non judgemental person that is always there to help you make a decision, and in many cases point out the beautiful sparkles in you that for whatever may need a match so the flame can grow. But how does one label that?

And then there is purpose... Well if I had a dollar for every time I asked myself what my purpose was, I'd have about 1000 extra bucks in my pocket to invest in that next big idea I have.

I started dipping my toes in entrepreneurship in network marketing. When I signed up I had no idea what I was doing, and to be honest I was horrible at it.

Why? Because it involved having constant conversations with people about one product line, or niche, and I would find myself recommending other things that were better fits for my potential customers. Don't get me wrong, it was and still is an amazing company, and I would NOT be where I am today if it wasn't for the decision I made to partner with the brand.

It opened many doors, and created many amazing connections, mentorships and lifelong friends, and I'm still with the company, because I've always believed in the brand, but I chose to not go "all in".

As a matter of fact I learned so much tech stuff by avoiding what I should be doing and instead taking daily dives into "busy work" learning how to build blogs, courses, websites, email subscriptions, and video editing  I actually began to find greater joy in making stories come alive through video. So I began freelancing.

I did all the video & website work (I did not write the script though) for BC Tomorrow as well as a recent video for the Circle of Excellence landing page. 

And Beauty Advisor a couple of days per week keeps me happy as well. Of course there is a bit of vanity in all of us, but the little wins come every day when you get to accentuate the natural beauty of a woman. The confidence, the spring in her step, the unconditional ear you've given's more than just a consultation.

Sprinkle in the Fitness Leader training for the NYC Marathon, offering virtual coaching as well as testing and sharing innovative new science nutritional methods.

I kept hearing the whisper in my ear..."Karen, you will never be good at anything unless you pick one lane and "go all in" ".

..But all of these things make me happy...and all of these things create peace, harmony, and excitement in my do I just choose 1? 

And then I heard it....

I was recently at a conference in Southern California called Marketing Impact Academy and one of the guest speakers was Pat Flynn. He came on the stage and at one point he called himself a Generalist. I perked up and thought..."OMG ...that's a thing???" Tears welled up in my eyes as I received the biggest reward of validation. "That's a thing!!!! I have a THING!!!! I'm doing it right" 


How do I balance it all?? I take time off. I create boundaries and stick with them.I work in subject blocks, I got organized. I became comfortable with saying no instead of saying yes with my lips and no with my brain. I gave myself grace to move slow like a marathon instead of a sprint. I get up early, I go to bed early. ..

The biggest thing is that I focused in on developing my clarity, putting together the plan to make it happen was my groan zone (because as a creator it always feels better to create than to plan) Then just moving forward every day. Leading with love and authenticity, and asking people for precious feedback.

Don't get me wrong, I've had a ton of help from online courses , mentors, podcasts, videos, bloggers, and I'm grateful for everyone that is just so authentically passionate about giving and receiving help. I needed validation...I was so close to it..

All I can think of is thank you God for allowing me to hear your message and be open to receive it.

Your purpose can change, and it will. It's what you do that touches others in that given moment. That helps them , that lifts and supports, that teaches, transforms and that demonstrates unconditional love and humanity. That my friend I believe is purpose, and it's with you always. You don't need to look anywhere but inside yourself to find it.

Thank you so much for spending time with me today. I invite you to view a video I made honouring one of my mentors and after having her as a virtual mentor (in more ways than one) for nearly a decade, I got to personally thank her, and give her a hug.

The biggest gift we can give our teachers, and thought leaders is to let them know the impact they've made . It's the fuel to all of us, right? To know we've helped another soul? 



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