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Grieving Loss - And My 131 Method Update

nutrition real life stories Aug 13, 2018

…I’m still a student, in the journey, but I’m sure armed with a TON of science and knowledge of myself.

 I’d have to say the biggest values I’ve gained thus far from the 131 Method has been confidence, wisdom of my unique genetics, and  self love- definitely not what I really expected. 

These 3 things have proven more valuable than the inevitable 13lb & 13 inch initial weight loss. If I weighed and measured myself today those numbers would probably be up a couple in both categories, but I know why, and I’m at peace with that. Keep reading ..…

Let’s start with confidence… 

I really didn’t think I needed it, until it improved. As I type this I’m just under 3 months away from running the NYC Marathon.

Even though the first Marathon I ran was 6 years ago.

Even though I hung up my running shoes 5 years ago for a different path in fitness.

Even though I know I am risking metabolic damage, higher cortisol levels, and inflammation in my body,

I have confidence that the 131 method has empowered me to understand the subtle messages  my body sends me, and how to regulate  my stress levels in other areas, like whole foods, more sleep, adjusting my training, reducing my work load.. 

I’ve become hungry for more knowledge. In my previous running history, I relied heavily on GU ( a supplement) to give me energy on the long long runs. I had always heard of “natural runners” that consumed real food on long runs, and I now know how to do that for myself, which is keeping my gut a lot happier.

I also don’t have the long run hangover anymore, so my recovery has dramatically  improved by using REAL food, not supplements.

While I was building my running base, I did 3 rounds of 131 method (not including beta)  in it’s entirety and adjusted my training load to match the cycles. About 6 weeks ago, halfway into my 3rd round I had to start modifying by inserting a lot more carbcharge days and less intermittent fasting because I could feel the cortisol rising.

Right now I’m entering a steady 3 month modified Renew cycle because it works best with my current training load.

There is more to that story- On July 9th our 13 year old Lab Shepard passed away. Her name is Whiskey, and she’s been featured in many of my Youtube videos, facebook, Instagram, and blog posts.

In fact she was my running buddy for years, until this year when we had to start slowing down. After she had her first stroke she had almost a full recovery and we were blessed with 6 more weeks. And then it was over.


Loss and grieving add to the spike of daily cortisol. I’ve lost an anchor, my meditation buddy, my morning routine, and I didn’t realize how hard it would hit me physically until it did. The fight or flight aftereffect.

I am okay, we will be okay, but because of all the science I’ve learned about my body in  the 131 Method, I not only understood my physical response, I’m armed with the tools to alleviate stress, and I’ve given myself permission to lighten other loads in efforts to keep hormone levels from getting out of whack—so far so good. 

Self Love- 

Before 131 Method I may have bashed myself for having less energetic runs, called myself weak for having to take my training level down, or possibly even panicked and jumped on the next diet train because a day here and there, I feel a little puffier. Because I understand FULLY what is happening, I’ve given myself permission to pull back a little on my training- to reevaluate what is going to be better for me .

I always believed I was the girl who wasn’t an athlete, that I had to just accept that I’d have to work harder and eat less than everyone else just to keep myself from gaining— After having that backfire on me a TON of times—- I know why it backfired. 

They say knowledge is power, and to sum it up the 131 Method has given me freedom. 

Right now in this season the 4 S’s mean to me…


  • Science - I’m Digging into natural whole food gut friendly sports nutrition.
  • Self- I’m Realistic in setting my weekly goals 
  • Success- My goal is to prove that anyone can do anything they put their mind to - making it messy, trusting myself and colouring outside the lines are all permitted.
  • Sanity-  I cross the finish line with my head held high injury free and feeling like an effin superhero— No matter how long it takes me to run the course 

I also have the confidence in knowing that AFTER the marathon, I will go in full restoration mode by going deep into a full cycle of 131 starting in Ignite. I have my inflammation recipe. It’s a way of life. It’s self control, it’s peace in a noisy diet world .

Thank you for staying tuned..<3

..the journey continues…


PS..The bottom picture came from our daughter's journal. She texted it to us ..We are sent timely messages when we need them most <3 Thank you Cassidy <3

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