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mindset Sep 08, 2017

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Have you ever gone all in to something? Hit all the targets you were looking for? Reached your goal only to find it didn’t feel quite right when you got there?

Then what?

If you change your mind does that mean you failed?

Does it mean you are afraid of success? Does that mean you are afraid of failure?

Or really does fear have anything to do with it?

I don’t think it should be over thought.

If it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t quite right.

So then what? 

How are you supposed to just change things? What about all the people? What are they going to say when they see you make a shift? Are they going to think you failed? Or that you are a quitter? Do they need to know your story? Do you really need anyone else’s permission or validation to do things on your terms?

I thought  I wanted to be a full time fitness consultant, until I got there. I mean things were great! I could pretty much choose my hours, and always be helping people find joy in movement. I had turned something that was a hobby into a full time job.

It felt partially right, but still a big hole was there. I didn’t forecast it, I had done everything right…reverse engineered, planned, obtained certificates, all of it, but I still felt it wasn’t quite where I wanted to be. Things had to change. I knew I was the only person who could make change to make things better.

The first thing I needed to do was make time, by carving things off my overstuffed plate. I remember feeling like everyday I was chasing my tail, and never really feeling an anchor. There were still so many things I wanted to fit in, do, plan, and implement, but I felt like there was not enough time in the day to fit things in while maintaining life/work balance.

I decided to carve some time off my fitness plate, and began doing videography work, and working on self publishing my writing. At the same time, I rebuilt my website, and built on a membership site called The Love Your body Now Club. (Shameless Plug) :)

Now that I do creative work, it feels more fulfilling, and still does. I love what I do, and because it was more than fitness in my life, the is not as deep. It’s refreshing to exchange intellectual task work for income, but the work is not always easy, that’s for sure!

I still feel like something is calling…very similar to the days where my boy was 10 months old and I was chomping at the bit to go back to work. Not that I didn’t LOVE being a mom! I still do. I just also LOVE working out in the public too.

What does “life by design” really mean?

In my definition, it’s making choices with priorities at the base, happiness the centre and pure joy at the top.

Bottom line is it really doesn’t matter what you do, there comes a point where if you feel like you are in a box without excitement, and where every single day there are things outside the box you miss, it’s more important to listen to your needs than it is to stay in the box.

 Break free

 I was scared to tell people that I wasn’t fully happy in my career choice, because I was so determined when I started that it was what I wanted….

I also don’t want to give the wrong idea…I LOVE teaching Fitness, I LOVE coaching others, I LOVE doing creative videography…But I also LOVE retail and I LOVED being a Cosmetician. So even though my husband and I have our own consulting business…even though we have the freedom to choose our own schedule (which is what we ultimately wanted) , with the nest being empty, Things have changed.

I struggled with voices in my head that said you can’t be everything and be successful. You have to choose 1 thing and “Go ALL IN” 

I thought , “what am I afraid of?” Should I read another book on confidence? Sign up for another course that teaches me how to face my fears and do it anyway??

Really is it fear, or is it REALLY just NOT the right fit? I think at some point, everything just has to be adjusted. I’m not quitting anything, just adjusting as I’ve grown. You can still come to me for Fitness, & Videography ….and soon makeup & skincare too. 

 Now life by design feels perfect with the variety of bringing all 3 of my loves together to make a balanced life.

I don’t think you have to “Go All IN” to something to be “successful”

 Success…real success is defined by YOU . What do you think?

See You Soon! 



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