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Do you know what you really need?

mindset podcast real life stories Dec 30, 2021
Do you know what you really need?

It’s a new year and everything out there being marketed to us is about being better versions of ourselves in our bodies, in our lives, businesses, and then some…

Prefer listening to reading? Click here for podcast .Do you have what you need to succeed in the thing that’s being sold to you?

If I roll back the time to my heaviest self, I believed I was the only one with this “problem.”

One of the reasons I simmered down in the health and fitness industry was because of this time of year - but even in my career as a creative professional, I see it everywhere. Manipulative media. It’s not a bad thing. It’s how sales have been done for centuries. We just see more of it because EVERYTHING is at our fingertips.

I’ve spent most of my life in the world of sales. I know the secrets behind the words that are used which is why I try to stay neutral but also get loud and remind you that you are the thing needed to make whatever it is that you want to happen.

It used to be that we could think about something, maybe ask one or two friends, then make a decision. Now it seems that the combination of too many decisions, information overload and sales psychology keep us stuck. Or sometimes we get going, and THEN more choices come along, or help and guidance towards something we never asked for.

When I was training for my 3rd half marathon, I was at work having a conversation with one of my fellow cosmeticians in the skincare aisle. She was asking me if I had a time goal for my next race.  I shared with her my goal was to do just a bit better than my last. At that time I was really happy with my body, with my weight, and with what I could do. I had finally learned what it felt like to be weightless

Yes, I did mention that if I lost 5lbs, I'd probably be faster, but I wasn’t worried because, in peak training season, the goal is fueling, not dieting. 

A woman in the next aisle had heard our conversation, and she came around the corner offering me this great line of weight loss supplements she was selling and repeated back to me what I had said about being faster.

I had to really bite my tongue at my place of work. I said,” Thank you, I’m not looking to lose weight.’ 

She replied, as she looked me up and down, and said, “Oh come on, we all want to lose weight.” 

Maybe she was right, but that moment right there triggered my doubt in the confidence and love I had for my body.

For some reason, when I went home that night and stood in the mirror naked, I was no longer happy with my body. I had to again dig deep into my training for the half marathon and focus on the energy, strength and vitality I was building for myself then and for my future self.

I had already been down that route. Supplements are not what create a healthier body. If we use supplements alone, the weight comes back, and the habits don’t change. I knew that. “And you don’t know who you are talking to lady!”. 

I have committed to life like this, not a vanity sprint.

There will always be a new diet wrapped up in a shiny bow.

There will always be a shiny new online platform.

You are being sold the outcome. And in a vulnerable time, you will buy the outcome EVEN IF you already have and it’s collecting dust under a different name.

One of my biggest failures was a gig in network marketing. I should have been amazing with all my sales experience, but the problem was I had to go out and offer what I had for sale to people without them wanting it. 

You know, slide into their DMs. There’s a big problem with offering somebody weight loss when they are feeling pretty okay. 

With my job as a cosmetician, it was easy for me. People are coming to me. All I need to do is ask the right questions to help them make the right decision for them. It never felt like selling. Sure I would use outcome messaging, but only if it was true and with the proper instructions. 

For example, ‘You mentioned you wanted your skin to look and feel smoother. If you use this toner before you moisturize day and night, it will refine and keep your pores clean, which will give you smoother-looking skin quickly, and you will feel a difference in 28 days - consistency matters”. 

Another thing with skincare is that sometimes less is better. Sometimes it’s okay to cherry-pick from different brands. Each piece added to the regime has purpose. If there are too many lotions and potions, not only do you get confused when to use them but so does your skin.

The same applies to online business solutions. 

The same thing applies to diets.

Armour yourself with decision making throughout all of this

Ask yourself, 

Do I already have what I need?

What is stopping me from doing it?

When I’m being marketed to, am I being drawn in by the outcome?

Is it an outcome I’ve been promised before, that I invested in, that didn’t work like promised?

Am I the reason it didn’t work?

If I did the work, will I get the outcome?

The media may try to convince you that you need something to be better, do better, make bigger goals, be more disciplined, that somehow they have the magic bullet that is FINALLY going to help you succeed.

I'm not going to add to that, in fact, I rebel against it - You don't need a new year or a THING to be that flipping amazing person you are - BUT I KNOW you know that.

You are the magic - You are the ticket - You are the one that can make it happen. When you get quiet, turn off the noise, and look inward, you will find the answers. Then you’ll be equipped to go out and get the things or people you need to add to your toolbox.

Develop your own decision-making process. You are unique. Treat yourself that way.


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