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Don't Quit Recover Instead

mindset podcast Aug 03, 2021
Don't Quit Recover Instead


Last blog entry we talked about getting back up and I shared with you the story of Tula the Great, my dog 

She had her surgery last Wednesday , and she’s in recovery - and I thought what a great time to talk about recovery

The other day I was asked

Hey, are you still running? My answer, “ I just started again.

Are you still teaching group fitness, ‘No, I took a break in 2019 and never went back”

Then I felt the need to explain myself as I felt the need to explain the extra 10 that’s obviously gathered on my body since the last time we saw each other … HEY!! I didn’t quit exercising!! I didn’t “let myself go!! 

In 2018, as I was training for my second marathon. I had signed up to run a 10 k as a training run and for some fun. It was on Mother’s day.

The sun was shining beautifully and the cause was for women . I had a small team from work with me, and many friends and acquaintances of mine were there.

I started out feeling pretty good, but by half way through my legs were lead.

Dang it, I thought, not again, not today. This had been happening alot on other runs, and sometimes even teaching my regular fitness classes. I took a big gulp of electrolytes hoping to ease the cramps.

Dang it, what am I doing wrong?

I must not have the mental toughness...come on Karen, suck it up.

I dismissed the day to a bad run - and I recorded an emotional post run message 

 As I continued to train for NYC, the lead legs got worse, I started struggling with dizziness, and after the loss of my dog, a hip injury, but instead of quitting, I found a way. 

I went to physio, I modified my training and race plan, and I completed NYC Marathon upright & smiling.

The next day standing in the line up at JFK airport I felt like I was going to pass out. Dizziness and spins, but geesh I just ran a marathon, I’m recovering.After a short break we went home - back to busy.

At the time I was holding 4 jobs, Beauty Advisor, Fitness Instructor , CFO of our company and freelancing.

I started a season of letting go - I left my Beauty Advisor job, 4 months later I took a break from leading fitness, but I still kept my exercise as a daily practice. 

I was gaining weight

My hormones were messed right up - again- for the 3rd time in my life and that was when

I finally went to the doctor - thinking they would do the things they did previously and I’d be on my way.

This time was different - I found out I was highly anemic


I won’t go on about what happened next - I will put the link to the blog I wrote about it below. 

What I will tell you is that with patience, the proper recovery exercises and protocols, nutrition, and purpose driven activities my body is now healed.

Healed so that I am running again - as a beginner

I didn’t quit 

Don’t quit

Find a way to make it work in the season you are in - That is part of the recovery process



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