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Get Back Up

mindset podcast real life stories Jun 14, 2021
Get Back Up

July 9th 2018 we laid our beloved dog Whiskey to rest.

She had been my running companion for years. We had come to a point in our life together where there were very few surprises. It wasn’t always like that

 We’d get up, get ready, I’d tie the leash around my waist and we’d go.

 After she was gone we paused, grieved, and lived a little more freely. The nest was completely empty, but by December 2019 there was a hole and a desire for another furbaby

 Enter 1-year-old Tula the great Pyrenees. The complete opposite of Whiskey in every way. The beauty of adoption is the reward of the exchange in love and trust. 

Tula had been lacking confidence so it took a while to get her comfortable on-leash walks. 

After the snow melted, COVID hit and suddenly our neighbourhood became Dogopolous and although Tula loves other dogs, it became challenging for everyone because all the new dogs in the neighbourhood were young.

I decided it was time. I dusted off the old running leash and Tula and I began jog/ walking early morning together. A beautiful bond was blossoming and it all felt right. I felt whole again- different - but whole.

One morning we were finishing up, and as we were approaching our driveway, I saw the neighbour walking towards us behind us with her 2 big young dogs. She was walking much faster.

Since we are all physical distancing I quickened my pace to get up in my driveway before she reached us.

Our driveway is a pretty steep hill and I’d walked up a fair ways, and we stopped - She has the biggest smile, and just as we started exchanging hi’s, her dogs pulled towards Tula, and Tula lunged towards them barking, and pulled me down onto my belly, and didn’t stop there, 

She continued to drag me down the driveway

My neighbour stopped - Are you Okay? Mortified at what she was witnessing- Our dogs were still angry with each other.

I shouted “I’m Okay!! I’m Okay! Just Go!! I’m heavier than her, she won’t get you”

I learned that day that Tula definitely knew we were her home- she would have never done that had I not stepped onto the driveway.

After I gathered myself, I took her up in the backyard and the running leash broke in my hand as I took it off.

I guess that’s a sign 

As Dogopolous got bigger and bigger, my driveway fear did too, and Tula actually began to refuse to leave the driveway.

I began throwing Tula in the back of the jeep and taking her to the trails every day. We graduated from leash to long leash, to off-leash in a matter of 4 months. 

She built confidence, we built trust, and we’ve had more time together. We continued this all through the winter, and when the snow melted we tried the neighbourhood on the leash again.

In Dogopolous the dogs are older now they are all getting used to each other.

Ohhhh I miss running! It’s time.

For my birthday I got a brand new running leash, new shoes and started a learn to run program. (Even though I’m a former marathoner, I had to recover from anaemia, and that took time- I’m a beginner again) 

My Plan : I’ll alternate neighbourhoods with trails- It’s my favourite time of year- This is going to be so good! 

Then one morning I was playing with Tula in the yard. We were chasing each other and she twisted her hind leg, let out a big squeal and was later diagnosed to kennel rest for a Cruciate ligament tear.

Now  Tula is waiting for surgery - and I am running alone.

She will recover 

I will not abandon because we will get up together again and in life, we lose our accountability buddies all the time.

The key to success is being able to keep going against all odds. 

Unpredictability is inevitable


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