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How To Stay on A Healthy Diet

nutrition Aug 12, 2017

Diet Hacks 

Your  FAB 5  list of foods end the feeling of deprivation.

You don’t have to feel guilty for your choices. You can claim indulgences. Learn your Fab 5 so that when you are in social settings, you know what’s worth the sugar roller coaster. Understand consequences of choice, positive and negative.

 You know  I am not a nutritionist but I do know this system that I've used for years works for me on a long-term basis.

In this blog post , I’ll share with you my Fab 5 formula, help you understand the sugar roller coaster, and share with you some tips on how to be confident in your choices even when others are trying to sway you.

We often to go into all or nothing states. Proclaim OK it's time to get healthy clean the house out of garbage start getting out the kale, agonizing about the fact that we’re  going to give up everything that we've ever loved for the rest of our lives and get off sugar. You’ve heard the 80/20 rule right? You are about to define your 20%

When we feel like we’re depriving ourselves it's not something that can be done long term. This is why most diets fail . OK maybe diets don't fail . Diets work, but most are not sustainable and so the weight comes back. What if we could reach our ideal body weight without ever feeling like we were dieting. Wouldn’t that be nice?

 If I told you that you had to submit a list today of five things that you want to have again in your lifetime, and if you didn't give me that list you would never be able to have them again in your life.

 For example I really enjoy chocolate cheesecake with whipping cream, and chocolate flakes all over it. I can see it on the plate now.

 Could I live without it? Probably, but I don't want to because I like it that much. Even though I know the consequences of my choice. (I’ll talk about that in a minute )

 So there are occasions where it's worth it, I know maybe four times a year I will indulge in this desert but I like it and it's worth it.

 Now I want you to think of those foods that are often at your fingers tips pardon the pun at any given time. So these are things that you know are not so great for you and you eat them when they're there but if you didn't have them for the rest of your life you wouldn't really miss them.

So now make a list of your take it or leave it foods in the category of "not great choices”

 What are the consequences? The sugar roller coaster defined

 The consequences of both lists of foods are more than likely going to produce the same roller coaster effect on your mood, energy, and really how you feel.

 Here’s what happens:

Sugar spike >>> feel really good, comforting, delightful

Guilt may start (even if it’s been previously  validated by you) to rise increasing negative feelings.

A lurking urge for more sugar laden things the rest of the day.

Possible nauseousness and gross feeling.

Energy dip accompanied by crankiness.

Mild Depression.

 It’s a little easier to get through the consequences if you are prepared. Identifiying what’s REALLY worth it, and being prepared for the ride will help you make choices with confidence and no feeling that your missing out. If it’s not worth it why bother right?

 Honestly when sugar is not part of your every day, it's not a craving, it's a choice.

Bonus tip if you work outside the home...this really helped me because our staff room most days would have treats in it.

 I created a personal policy to never indulge in treats at work. The reason being is that if I wanted to sit down and indulge in a treat, number one I didn't want to have to face the consequences at work, because there's a whole lot of other sugar there that are at my fingertips so I could continue on the cycle, And number two I didn't want to create a habit that wasn't there. End of story

Knowing your top five will give you mental power to say no and mean it. Don't worry about offending.

What about the people who say want some? oh no I forgot…you can't have that -you still on that diet.

Simply reply I'm not on a diet I just choose not to.

Most of the time a simple “no thank you “ will be fine.

Figure out what you're going to say before it happens. Are you going to share your goals,? Are you going to just say no thank you?

What will you do in the place of temptation?

Now here's where it gets really fun ..another call to action

 Chances are there's a healthier version of your top five foods out there. Start thinking and googling how to make your favorite things with better ingredients. Food swaps so to speak but it doesn't mean that you can't have your favourites ever again, you just plan for it and don’t feel the guilt associated with indulgence!

 Looking forward to hearing what you come up with :)

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