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podcast take action vlog Feb 13, 2019

Wow, sometimes the hammer hits you right in the face.

We need to be self aware to grow…but we also need a mindset shift.

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There are 2 types- Fixed mindset 


 Growth mindset - Here’s the thing…most of us have both

The greater we expand our growth mindset, the easier it is to identify where the areas are that we we want a fixed mindset to change 

I’m going to share with you how I made this shift recently and I’m sharing this with you both as a marker for the growth I will experience between now and next February, and as an effort to share this info with you so that you can grow with me.

The absolutely BEST way to start your day to be the most productive, happy, balanced you.

There is a recipe

There are studies upon studies

I’ve had personal success with it 

It’s simple 

Make Your Bed

Drink a big cup of water 28oz or so 

Reflect on gratitude


Move your body 


Learn something New

Plan your day- already sketched out from the night before 

 ALL before looking at your phone.

 It started with this feeling that things were off for me…and quite frankly they have been since the day our dog had her first stroke last summer.

I kept summing it up to grief, training hard for the marathon, fatigue , working lots, little time off….but what I didn’t factor in was how my morning routine had shifted so much.

Yes I read Miracle morning, I’m a huge fan of the 5 am club, and I teach people how to restore balance in their life.I even teach people this whole feed yourself first in the morning stuff. BUT I haven’t really been practicing it - because I have a flexible schedule, so I took for granted I would make the time later…and I never did.

I believe in taking time off social media even though it’s hard because our business is primarily online. But I haven’t been.

As a graduate of the 131 Method and beta tester I learned how to heal through food and optimize my nutrition supplement free…but things have been sooo off lately …

I peeled some layers off, like letting go of my very part time gig as a Beauty Advisor and we have readjusted some of our business main events..but I still felt kind of like a victim.

 As I felt my body shifting this last couple of months to reflect the emotional and physical stress I’ve felt, I started asking for help…positioning myself in the spot where I could be coachable and ready to receive.

Well when you ask, it’s up to you to receive and recognize the pathways when they are offered.

Last week I spent an evening with international speaker Kathleen Seeley 

Our Rotary club was helping at an event that she donated her time to for our local safe house & Salvation Army.

 She spoke of mindset, and connecting our goals, or intentions to our values.

 That’s when I realized that I was still labeling myself. I had negative self talk…victim mindset…and sadly sometimes my inside voice has not been very kind to me… Of all people I should know better…and that’s the problem…I was bashing myself for should have known better…

Then my mentor had recommended a documentary on Netflix called HEAL and I watched that… all about the mind body Connection

Oh my gosh!! This makes so much sense!! 

 It sealed the deal when I read my own words in the advanced copy of the 131 Method book I received from Chalene Johnson 

I know what to do

It starts with revisiting the basics of my morning Routine

The healing of my gut (again) - It’s way more than nutrition - Now you can preorder the 131method book  

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