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My Body is My Home Comes to Dieppe, NB

my body is my home real life stories Nov 10, 2022
Karen Wilson

My Mom always told me I'd regret NOT learning french when I was young - Well Mom, you are definitely right.

Coming home to my french roots, it would be amazing to perform the show bilingually, but that has been past my capabilities for this time, so English it is!

I am travelling across country from my home in BC - The Show is November 20th 2pm at Centre des arts et de la culture de Dieppe

The first time I traveled across the country was in a cardboard box. I was 4 weeks old ,and my parents Maria Abel (Arsenault) and Gordon Abel relocated from Moncton, New Brunswick to Prince George, British Columbia. At that time there were no car seat laws, and don't worry, the lid was open. :)

I'm excited to return to my birthplace and share one woman’s story called "My Body is My Home

Featuring: Karen Wilson - as the Storyteller, Narrator, Writer, with music recorded and provided by Megan Abel - Singer-Songwriter


The Dieppe show will be the first time Karen performs the show without Megan physically on stage with her.

Get Tickets Here 

Or at the Box office Centre des arts et de la culture de Dieppe

Show Backstory

In 2021, Karen Wilson wrote and self published a book titled, "Be Weightless" and Karen's Mom of Dieppe, New Brunswick was the first person in the world to receive a physical copy for her 79th birthday. Between the pandemic shortage of workers, and the BC mudslides, anything coming via delivery was very slow.

"My Body is My Home" is a show that was inspired by some of the reader's favorite stories in "Be Weightless".

Karen is now bringing the show to her mom for her 80th birthday in Dieppe NB.

Plot line:

After she receives crushing news while on vacation, she decides it’s time to really dive into what’s holding her back from living a purposeful life. She takes the audience on a walk through time with reflections of the past, wasted time with self sabotage, and life-altering decisions.

The story tackles issues such as self esteem, loss, abandonment, poor body image, and diet culture in a light, sometimes laugh out loud funny in a self reflective way. (rated PG - some content may be triggering)

The story reveals itself with inside voices interlaced with Megan’s thought-provoking lyrical songs. Ending with reclaiming the joy, gratitude and power that the home our body provides.

Megan Abel is a performing musician, musical educator, and songwriter. A graduate of the Contemporary Music and Technology program at Selkirk College, she is currently seeing through the completion of her first EP while teaching music lessons. She is also Karen Wilson's niece, and Maria Abel's granddaughter.

How the show came to written by Karen

"I was riding my exercise bike in my basement on a cold January morning. I had just finished a writing sprint and a rehearsal for what I wasn’t sure would be a storytelling show, or a book signing keynote event for my newly self published book "Be Weightless".

Then a song came on and I thought….oh this sounds like Megan….Hmmm I wonder if she would like to sing as part of a storytelling show with me.

By the time the workout was over I had Megan cast as the singer songwriter of the thing I was writing in my imagination. I hadn’t even seen her in 2 years.

I texted her on Instagram ..."Megan, I have an idea….SHE SAID YES!

For the next 5 weeks we met every Friday and wrote, rehearsed, reorganized, laughed, cried, and then we decided we’d take this show to the stage “no matter what”

We applied and were accepted to DEBUT at the Theater on The Edge Festival in Salmon Arm, BC. summer 2022.

What people are saying

“Amazing show - storytelling at its finest with a soundtrack that will have you singing along and remembering your own stories!”

“You should take this on a tour in schools!”

"You have an amazing story! A story where there are ups and downs, situations that u had to endure and overcome. This is a story that young women need to hear!"

"Such an amazing performance. I could listen to Megan sing all day and your stories really resonated. I hope you come back some day!"

"I really enjoyed your performance. And I was certainly feeling the feels!! Both of you were fantastic and I think you have hit your stride with this type of storytelling. I can't wait to see what you do next."

"It was soooooo great. Congratulations on a terrific and heart filled (and heartfilling ) performance"

"Wow! So well received by the audience"

Click Here for Show Page 

 Thank you for your time and help to bring My Body is My Home to Dieppe, NB.




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