Road to NYC Marathon 2018 | The Beginning

fitness after 40 Dec 08, 2017

We did it! We signed up to run the New York Marathon in 2018 with Dream Travel Canada

Back in 2011 I began running after being inspired by my husband. We ran many half marathons, he ran 3 fulls as well. Our most exciting run was when we ran the marathon in Dublin , Ireland. We were then running and blogging to raise funds for Make-A-Wish foundation and recorded many things . We did not continue with the blog page though.

An amazing thing about the internet is what you publish is also a place you can go back and reflect on...For me it brings back the memory that I CAN do this :) 

In 2014, I pretty much hung up my running shoes. It didn't excite me felt like work, and even though I really wanted to run another full marathon, I didn't have the motivation to train...until now.


In the interm I've kept in reasonable shape, took up leading fitness and working out with various different programs, but I've done very little running.

The day we signed up for the NYC marathon, I felt a surge of excitement rush through me. Sometimes having an event to train for is a spark, a light, an undescribable  celebration of fitness.

I'm not your typical runner ..that's for sure! Never have been. Beginning again has been nothing short of humbling. I had to remember how to ease into the run...instead of sprint,'m still working on that.

The first thing I realized was that I am starting from ground 0 .

I picked up my old faithful running book from John Stanton and mapped out my running plan for the next year. Basically, even though I am in shape, I’m beginning this journey from the “couch” up.

I ordered my “perfect” running shoe.

I started wearing my old running shirts around the house. 

I’ve taken all other impact out of my complimentary workouts. This means supplementary workouts for me are PiYo & Yoga. 

Additional workouts (that are not running) are scheduled 3-4 times per week. 

Rest days once per week are absolutely mandatory.

Reminded myself that this is actually a good idea, lol !

I took out all my other gear. My running room jacket (still after 6 years looks brand new! ) WIN!

I started researching running gadgets. There are so many now...How do I choose???

I was quickly reminded I will need anti-chafing. (But not until the runs get longer).


Don’t do weighted calf raises the same week you are starting a new  running program.

Must leave my ego at the door…there is no room for ego. I'm not where I was 5 years ago. I'm new, and that means I need to REALLY wipe the slate CLEAN...however difficult that may feel.

 Run on the flat…the hills will come in the training! poor calves!

 Walking my dog  back to the car was not the best idea ever…at least not yet.

Oh, and thank goodness for  ice packs that wrap, epsom salts and foam rollers.

To be continued...



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