Road To NYC Marathon | VLOG Entry 2

fitness after 40 Jan 15, 2018

Finding the sweet spot in training, calf recovery & my dog.


 I used to be able to just “warm up” on the run…not so much anymore.

Calves are screaming…so I’m doing something wrong! 

 First I went through a process of elimination

My goals this month. 

Get my calves to be like Gumby.

Right know they are bound right up…Rest is in order.

Gradually progress to 10/1 - Run 10 minutes, walk 1.  

1 month ago I could barely run 4 minutes, and as of Jan 2018 , I’m able to run 8/1s . YAY!! :)

 Currently, I’m comfortably building my 10 k base, and increasing  restorative care habits which involves nutritional understanding of what my body needs to repair naturally . I’m working towards being a plant based runner with a flexible metabolism.

 Project restoration process.

It’s perfect timing to give my body, and mind a rest from training hard. 

 This is how I’ve repaired and my pre run / post run activities. (I am not a doctor or physiotherapist, so if you have a problem seek medical attention okay?)

 I admitted I needed to let my ego go, and train slower.

Applied Volteren to my calves prior to starting.

It’s cold here, so long underwear a must, I put it on every run.

Incorporated a 10 minute pre run warmup including dynamic stretching & foam roll my calves.

Run slow…so jog…I’ve got plenty of time for speed build up.

After run I stretch for minimum of 10 minutes, foam roll again.


My cross-training consists of PiYo ( for strength, flexibility, and range of motion) and runner’s yoga (for added flexibility and range of motion).

 It seems like a lot, right? Sometimes we don’t understand a muscle has been overused until we try a different sport, and as we get older it’s so important to work on restorative health to stay in the game :)

In addition, I’ve removed dairy completely, and most grains (temporarily) from my diet. I get plenty of carbs  for running from plants for this phase in my training.

 My dog….

 For someone who has never run with their dog, or doesn’t have a dog , you might not fully understand how hard it is to realize it’s time to leave your buddy at home because she can’t undergo the training.

 In her mind she’s up for anything, but her body doesn’t agree. When I run with her for more than 15 minutes, she wants to stop. She has a hard time standing up later in the day, and sometimes she even has bladder leak.

 However her loyalty to me won’t ever let me see her discomfort during the run.

 I started running myself and walking the dog at lunch, and you’ll never guess what happened…She decided in protest she would not go to the bathroom until she had her leash on . 

 For now, I have been resorting to sneaking out the front door while she is out back. Then I come back, walk her around the block so she does her business, and I stretch. Everyone is happy.

 Then on my non-running days she gets her “normal “routine .

 I entertained the idea of me training at noon, but I just wasn’t getting it done. When I forced myself, the quality of the workout was non existent. Success in all of my training adventures has always been in a me first approach.

 My dog and I have been morning buddies for 11 years. People are seeing me without her out on our route and I see the sadness, awkwardness, and concern in their eyes that maybe the dog  has passed. Some ask, while others just look sorry for me. I feel the need to say, “She’s okay!!” I’m just training for a marathon! 

 It does choke me up a bit, because I know that day will come, but for now it’s all good. Everyone wins.

 To be continued … 

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