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Time Management Time Inventory

self care Aug 10, 2021
Time Management Time Inventory

Time management is such a “roll your eyes to the back of your head topic.”

I simply cannot fit anything else in my day! 

What else can I give up?

How hard do I have to work?

What more can I do?

Why am I always late?

It used to be hard now it can be a nightmare adding remote working 

I’m going to share with you one simple exercise I do to help me find pockets of time 

But first, I’ll share with you how I discovered it.

When I was 33 I quit smoking cold turkey - I had no idea what to expect. I had started at 13 to get a pass into the cool kids club and I had never tried to quit. I liked it. I liked how it made me feel. My smokes were always with me. - After meals, when I needed to clear my head, on long drives. My smokes were like an extension of me

Any memory of being a non smoker was very distant.

By the time I quit I had a choice - Quit birth control or quit smoking- I chose to do them both at the same time.

I thought I could sleep off the withdrawal symptoms - I am a good sleeper - but that plan backfired.

The biggest struggle I had was how slow the days passed. I had no idea what to do with all the extra time on my hands.

I wasn’t “going out for a smoke break every two hours anymore.

“Smoke breaks” lasted roughly 10-15 minutes each at 8-10 per day - Even at minimum that is 80 minutes - an hour and a half!! 1.5 hours! 

In a full schedule getting an hour and a half back per day of white space!! Or productivity time - either way that is a gold mine!!

I’ve been a non smoker now for over 15 years but it doesn’t mean I don’t slip up.

Not with smoking but with scrolling - Scrolling being the new smoking right?

So this is what I do to course correct.

I take inventory of my time



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