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Goal Setting With A Twist

podcast Dec 22, 2018

Part 2 of 2 

Part 1

Every single thing you say yes to is saying no to something else. Don’t say no to the things that matter most. Your happiness depends on it .

 What the heck am I doing wrong??.. I have a vision board, I stay positive, I’m always listening to personal development,

I write out my goals

I start...but then I fizzle out.

There’s not enough time

There’s work, kids, laundry, shopping, cooking , cleaning...and every single time I go to work on that thing, I’m not sure what I need to I hit my emails, answer calls...scroll social media looking at what other people are doing….get really inspired to do something..then time’s up

Crap..I then walk away from my desk and feel like I’ve done nothing...then I scroll social media more to lift myself up, throw together a happy inspiring post and rush it up there so I can at least feel like I did something Really?? That doesn’t count??

 There are 3 parts to this..

 It starts with being laser focused on your priorities.

 You will need 3 pieces of paper for this exercise

 On the top of each paper write your priority.

Lets  recap from this special 2 part show release

In the last show, we identified detailed priorities by defining them specifically

Then today we’ve taken those detailed priorities, and braindumped about each one

Then we’ve daydreamt a little and wrote down our perfect scenario.

And THEN we tackled goal setting with specifics...Now once you’ve written down your list of 6-10 goals check back with BOTH your priority focus AND your vision.

Do they line up?  What if they don’t? Don’t worry, because remember I talked about seasons?? The goal might be great, but the season might be off...put it in your “great but not right now pile”

Work on the things that are MOST important right now… in this season.

 Then its a massive braindump on that specific for example if it’s getting more active, what does that look like?

How do you want to feel?

What is more?

What are all the things you need??

Who do you have to tell

When are good times to do it?

What are you going to possibly have to give up??

 Once you have done your braindump, it’s not time to goal set yet...

Remember the last episode?? Where I got stuck?? Where my priorities and goals didn’t match what I wanted my outcome to look like?

 Well I missed this part...the vision board...but NOT on a piece of cardboard, on paper, in my journal.

You may have done this’s not new, but just like my mentor told me, I’m repeating her words...the more you do this the more it will become ingrained in you and the more focused and clear you will be.

Especially when making decisions..

Especially when working in small windows.

Part 2 is a daydream of your perfect WORK day and if you don’t currently work and would like to what would it look like?

Don’t worry about being ridiculous...this is yours. Actually, I find the bigger the dreams, the better. Who do you see, what do you do? How much do you work? Where does your money come from??

 Part 3

Now it’s time to write those goals from your priority lists. Start with 1 from each category and make it specific realistic and time bound so you can measure it

 For example if you want to move more, how much more? A great goal if you are at 0 is to add 3 30 minute walks per week. 

Lots of experts talk about the 10 goals… but really each goal you write has many tiny steps which will turn into things added to your daily todo lists.

Why?? So that you can reach your goals faster with clarity and confidence.

 And the benefit of that perfect day scenario is clarity and boundaries

This is the one I missed. I set myself up to be working the absolute opposite of what I wanted my perfect day to look like. To be doing a lot of things in my business that I felt were inauthentic to me

 I thought I had to please everyone else to prove my worth.. And the people pleaser in me is still in recovery which is why this is not a one and done exercise.

 I was also frustrated that I needed to go back to the drawing board, instead of celebrating my myself credit for experimenting, and adding personal growth to my self awareness.

Don’t be afraid to dream big and believe you can do it.

I guarantee anything you want to do there is someone that started right where you are right now.

I sometimes get embarrassed when I see all the stuff I created, the ebooks, the courses, the mini tutorials, the blog posts, the websites and I’ve never launched because I just wasn’t sure where I was going with it all.

 My life changed again when I yelled “plot twist”

I then revisited my perfect day, and began to take the bits and pieces I’ve learned , revisited my personal priorities and started focusing goals that  align with all elements.

Every time someone asks something of you, you can pause, ask them if you can get back to them..check in with yourself.

Every single thing you say yes to is saying no to something else. Don’t say no to the things that matter most. Your happiness depends on it .

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Until next time

Talk soon, and thanks for hanging out with me :)

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