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131 Method Book Review

nutrition Mar 25, 2019

131 Method Book VS the online program. What is the difference ? 

I've been talking a lot about the 131 method book a lot  since it has been available for  pre-release.

You can go in to any bookstore and you can pre-order it,  or you can go to Amazon and pre-order it there and and I think that you should . :)

I'm gonna give you a little bit of a sneak peak review. What I love about the book is that even though I've

been through the online program several times I was a beta tester.

The book is very simplified . Chalene is a really good writer and what I  found was after reading the book I understood the concept even more.

 She gives you all the science but not in like a really sciency way.  She's a really good translator so it's like it makes sense.

 She Quotes 

 "I promise to keep this stuff interesting like a miniskirt. Short enough to keep your attention and long enough to cover the important parts. "

 You'll begin to feel like an expert before you're even halfway through the book.

She really makes you feel like you're sitting down with her and we're having to chitchat.

As far as like the the format though it's about diet phasing and It kind of gives you a complete overview and you're able to dive in right away.

 I think that everybody that has a body should understand this new science that's coming on that that's whole food base it's not supplement based I think it's super important thing about gut health. 

Since the book was released I've been part of like kind of like a testing group of the book and we are seeing results and getting excited about the recipes.

The online program is different is that it is something that is dripped I mean that you get bits of content every week.

Its constantly being updated you know as new studies and new information and more recipes and more scientific studies come to light. (You can't really update a book the way the online program is regularly updated.)

I received incredible clarity and and that's got to do with the the gut brain connection and like when you have clarity you're able to focus and you're able to bring more of yourself everywhere. Weight loss is a side effect that did it happen yes it happened.

You can actually go to the 131 method results page and you're gonna see a lot of people have lost a lot of weight because that's a side effect of a healthy gut so you'll see weight loss is there but some people are it's skin it's joints it's everything really .

Like I said before I find that I'm getting more benefits just by being clearer having a better brain understanding things and not getting the brain fog. 

In the Video above I take you on a little bit of a tour  inside the 131 program so that you can see all the lessons, Mindset coaching , articles, community and of course RECIPES!

Inside the online program  you're gonna find registered dieticians you're gonna find people like me you're gonna find people that are talking specific topics so that you can actually go be a fly in the wall chances are your question has been asked and you won’t even need to wait for an answer. They’ve made it searchable.

You can just like scrap all the all the supplemental things all the dieting all the all the cutting  And you can figure out what works best for you and take the time to understand YOU!

Take the time to go through the process of learning about your own body because it's about longevity I mean yeah most diets will help you lose weight but sometimes they won't .

If you've ever struggled with a metabolic slowdown and and you're not sure why because your exercise and

exercising eating less eating less …why not try metabolic flexibility instead? You’ll be glad you did! 

 The 131 Method  book and the deeper dive into the 131 method program both give you clarity on what works for you .

I think premium is both.



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