Balanced Fitness For Weight loss

fitness after 40 podcast Jan 17, 2018
Balanced Fitness for Weight Loss


Let’s start with an overview of what a typical week of fitness should include with a description of exercise in the category.


Cardio>>> Types of cardio>>> Pretty self explanatory..Anything Aerobic, walking, jogging, swimming, etc..
HIIT>>> Type of cardio >>>Express cardio with a dash of powerful strength.
Strength >>> Bodyweight functional fitness & weightlifting
Flexibility>>> Both dynamic and static stretch>>>> Golden nugget 
Rest>>> Magic happens during the rest!

1. Cardio Aerobic ...Long bouts of cardio will not work alone. I think you get that point by now :) Even though they have the “biggest caloric burn” on My fitness Pal, most people are overdoing this one or not doing it at all. It is recommended to get minimum 120 minutes of cardio in a week. That’s not necessarily on top of everything else you do.

There is a misconception that more training and less food is going to get results, and that’s true, but not for long. So get started right with understanding ALL of rest listed is needed and in most cases you are getting a cardio benefit from EVERY workout in the week. All workouts have a cardiovascular effect, and just because that fitness tracker you have doesn’t give much of a caloric burn it doesn’t record FAT burn in a number you can see.

2. Incorporate Fat burning Cardio express with a 20 minute HIIT 2-3 times a week instead of an hour try this: 

HIIT is otherwise known as high intensity training. The trick to executing this way is to “earn the break” You perform an exercise with short bursts of higher intensity. The goal is to move from the aerobic threshold to the anaerobic threshold. This does not mean you have to jump, just put more effort in so that by the time you get that 30 second or 1 min break, you feel like you really need the break. If you are not really putting that max effort in, you are actually only working aerobically and will not gain benefits of a HIIT workout.

3. Strength >>> Bodyweight functional fitness & weightlifting

I’m not going to lie, I am a stickler for form here, and for individuality. I’m not going to list off a set or even do a video because everyone is unique and I’d seriously be doing a disservice to you to just assume “the standard” will work for you .This is where I recommend you do some personal research. I can help.

4. Flexibility>>> Both dynamic and static stretch>>>> Golden nugget .Thing #1 That Most People Leave Out.

This is Yoga, PiYo, Dynamic workouts that increase flexibility & range of motion.

I know...I know… you don’t have time for flexibility. I can actually hear you thinking “But Flexibility doesn’t burn calories so therefore It’s not worth it.” FALSE

2 things you must know

We exhale fat. Seriously. It's a myth that it comes out in sweat; it is mainly released from our body as gas through our breath. We breath a lot when we stretch right? Slow, controlled. 
These types of workouts lengthen muscles giving a leaner look, and increase strength potential and range of motion which in turn makes every other workout more effective and powerful. DO IT. You can thank yourself later.

 5. Rest…Thing #2 That Most People Leave Out.

Both body & mind need this>> Do it once to twice a week for optimal results in your plan.

This doesn’t mean eat bonbons on the couch all day. Most people say take Sunday for rest day, but I say choose the day to rest that is best for your schedule. For example I LOVE working out on weekends. I will typically choose Friday as a rest day because I always work a little harder in the office and it’s nice to take that extra workout time to get a jump on my Monday work!

Remember Key Points 

Adaptation happens to everyone, every fitness level.
Be sure your program changes every 30 days. The easiest way...add intensity/ and or weight.
Change the way you HIIT (the type or the exercise moves)
Change method of Cardio > Switch from walking to power walking .

Do not change your inclusion of :
Flexibility>>> Both dynamic and static stretch>>>> Golden nugget. 
Rest>>> Magic happens during the rest.
Action Steps

Get out your calendar and schedule 5 workouts this week based on the 5 piece recipe.
Make a list of things you will need to get started.
Start. :)

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